1-2 Switch could get a sequel

Compilation of mini-games supposed to demonstrate the extent of the possibilities of the Joy-Con, before the Drift adds one, 1-2 Switches could well become the first part of a franchise. An informant seems to have understood that Nintendo had launched the construction of a sequel.

The Wii had had its Wii Sports and the Wii U sound Nintendo Land. Titles supposed to sum up in themselves the relevance of the new way of playing introduced by the console. It is for this reason that they were supplied as a pack with the machine. If the Switch had not had the success that we know of, it would have been easy to point out the absence of a bundle bringing together the console and a good demonstration of its capabilities.

With packs bringing together Splatoon 2 or super mario odysseythe Switch actually did not need 1-2 Switches to please and more. And yet, with its mini-games allowing in particular to shine the infrared sensor or the HD vibrations of the Joy-Con, 1-2 Switches was able to spend pleasant evenings, failing to seduce the majority of the press.

Over two years after its release, 1-2 Switch had sold over 3 million units

On February 4, the so-called Zippo published on his blog the unofficial announcement of a sequel to 1-2 Switches. VGC speaks of this Internet user as a “trusted informant”, which tends to consider a little more the following lines:

“You know, sometimes I really don’t understand Nintendo as a company or a developer at all. Like here. 1-2 Switch is one of the most boring, tasteless, forgettable games I’ve ever played, and yet it’s going to get a sequel for some reason. It sold well, I believe? ยป

To answer our comrade’s last question, “yes, rather”. At the end of 2019, more than two years after the release of 1-2 Switches, Nintendo had announced that it had sold 3.18 million copies of its title. Adding to this the doubts of another informant, Emily Rogers, about the “critical reception of a new casual game”, the Switch could well experience a second wind there without having lost the first yet. And with a bundle this time?

Source: Zippo Speaks blog (via VGC)

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