1 out of 2 French people subscribe to a streaming service

1 out of 2 French people subscribe to a streaming service. This is the main statistic revealed by the latest study from the GetApp recommendation engine. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+ are not the only platforms popular with the French. Product delivery and online service delivery services are also popular.

Netflix platform study
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In the United States, 25% of users want to cancel their subscription if we are to believe the latest study by Reviews. In France, on the other hand, the streaming service is on the rise, just like its competitors like Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video.

Streaming, the star of subscriptions

Indeed, the GetApp recommendation engine has just published the results of its survey focused on French people’s subscriptions and their expectations in this area. This report, carried out among 1,000 French people aged between 18 and 65, reveals several strong figures in particular:

  • 78% of respondents said they subscribed to at least one product or service
  • Of these respondents, 48% say they only have a subscription to a streaming platform audio or video like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+

This last statistic says a lot about the place these streaming platforms currently occupy in our homes. The French are for the moment determined to preserve their subscription, despite the repeated price increases on the side of Netflix, or the recent increase in the price of the Amazon Prime offer. And again, the share of French subscribers to a streaming service could well go up with the upcoming arrival of cheaper formulas and with advertisements from Netflix and Disney.

Convenience and curiosity motivate to subscribe

Regarding the other data put forward by GetApp, we learn that 5% of respondents say they subscribe to a service or product delivery platform. With regard to motivation vectors, it is based on three pillars:

  • curiosity
  • practicality
  • the recommendation of a relative

Of course, the percentage obtained varies according to the type of service or product sold. Thus, curiosity is a reason for subscribing for 27% of respondents when it comes to special services that offer product boxes, for example.

For companies that offer subscription plans, the main area for improvement lies in the security provided to customer banking data. Indeed, only 25% of respondents say they are perfectly comfortable with the idea of ​​registering their credit card on a platform.

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