10 million sales for Days Gone, which Sony would have seen as a "big disappointment"

10 million sales for Days Gone, which Sony would have seen as a “big disappointment”

Reacting to the announcement of 8 million sales for Ghost of Tsushima, the director of Days gone did not congratulate Sucker Punch but recalled that when he was at Sony, he was given the impression that his own title was a “big disappointment”. While its sales had already reached those today attributed to this feudal Assassin’s Creed.

On Wednesday January 5, we learned that Ghost of Tsushima, an exclusive PS4 obviously much appreciated in the West but also in Japan, had reached and exceeded 8 million copies sold worldwide. A good number for a title that perhaps did not promise as much. As a reminder, the universe depicted in this game is that of feudal Japan, and its developers are not Japanese but Americans. The risk of a vision that was far too unfaithful was therefore present.

In reaction to this apparent good news, Jeff Ross let shine a sense of depreciation in one of his own works. Jeff Ross, not to be confused with a comedian, has worked at Bend Studio on titles such as Siphon Filter, Uncharted: Golden Abyss or Days gone. And it is this last title that he put in opposition with Ghost of Tsushima.

Former Sony, he recalls that Days Gone had done as well as Ghost of Tsushima

What’s the problem ? Obviously that Days gone achieved a commercial performance equivalent to that of Ghost of Tsushima, while Sony would have given Bend Studio the impression of having given birth to a disappointing title:

“By the time I left Sony, Days Gone had been out for a year and a half (and a month), and had sold over 8 million copies. It has since sold more, adding a million made on Steam. The management of the local studio always made us feel that this was a big disappointment. ”

Jeff received a pick-me-up from Shawn Layden, former president of SIE Worldwide Studios, who had his name linked to that of the game for the 2014 PlayStation Awards:

“Congratulations… I always thought it was an ambitious and impressive title. The HORDES! It was a real privilege to be present on launch day. I will not forget”.

The former Bend Studio was considering a sequel to Days gone, but taking into account the mixed feedback from part of the press, we can understand what could have led Sony to see the game in a different light, less benevolent.

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