10 reasons to fall for a Nintendo Switch

Since its release in 2017, the reputation of the Nintendo Switch has not weakened. Kyoto Nintendo wanted to stand out from other manufacturers in the world of video games with a very original concept console.

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No wonder then that despite the stiff competition in this industry, the Nintendo Switch has remained so popular. Here are 10 good reasons for you to let yourself be seduced by this console too.

1. An original design for a two-in-one console

Having a PSVita or a 3DS is no longer necessary to play when you are on the move. The Nintendo Switch perfectly combines the advantages of a portable console and those of a home console. A hybrid console therefore which allows parties to play both on the big screen and on mobile.

Nintendo Switch has a removable screen that can be placed on a fixed stand for use as a home console. As for the controllers, two modular joy-cones, they can be detached and fixed at each end of the screen when you are on a mobile.

Thanks to its original design, the Switch also allows you to switch between three different game modes. Gamers have the choice of playing on a laptop, playing on the table or even playing wirelessly on a television set.

2. A flexible console

Nintendo Switch gives you a great gaming experience, even on the go. No compromise to make if you have to stop and then continue your game in public transport. It is even always possible, according to your wishes, to use the Pro Controller.

The Switch has a small foot that can be retracted which is ideal if you have to take the train or the plane. Thus, although this support is not really the best in terms of stability, it offers sufficient comfort.

3. Customizable controllers that vibrate

The Switch’s removable Joy-Con controllers come in several colorful versions. They can therefore be personalized as desired.

These controllers are also equipped with a vibrator. The latter can be activated by certain titles in order to give information about the part you are doing. It also activates to give indications that can help locate hidden elements in the game.

4. A special gaming experience

The controllers of the Switch allow you to live a rather special gaming experience. A peculiarity that can be felt with for example Labo, the hybrid series of the Nintendo console.

Thanks to the software it contains and thanks to the cardboard construction, the Switch can be transformed to adapt to the game. Its controllers can indeed be transformed into a fishing rod, into a car that would be radio-controlled or even into a piano.

Multiplayer games like Snipperclips and Super Mario Party, also require controls to perform the movements. What to be totally immersed in the game.

5. The guarantee of original gameplay

A specific feature that will delight fans of group games, accustomed to the Wii style. The Joy-Con controllers are indeed reminiscent of this famous family game console. Local multiplayer is therefore in the spotlight with games such as Mario Kart or Arms.

For this type of game, up to eight players can take part in a single game. Eight tablets can be connected with the Switch to play wherever you go and however you want. Whether it’s at a friend’s house, on public transport or in a park, it is therefore possible to enjoy the best games together.

6. An exceptional “standby” function

The Nintendo Switch “sleep” functionality is simply remarkable!

For one reason or another, you may have to interrupt your game midway. You just need to switch it off before putting it away.

By resuming it even several days later, you will be able to see how quickly your Switch turns on. In addition, you can continue the game started a few days earlier exactly at the level where you left off. Other consoles certainly offer somewhat similar functionality, but the Switch stands out for its speed and ease.

7. Optimal autonomy

The Nintendo Switch is equipped with a battery that offers between 2h30 and 6 hours of playing time depending on the use. It all depends on how you use it.

For games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, it is possible to play for 3 hours at a time. Three hours during which the console will not require any recharging. This autonomy should therefore be sufficient enough to play when you are on the move.

A revision of the Switch is still available. With this version, the battery life has been improved. To make sure that this is the version you are purchasing, you will only have to verify that the console came to you in a red box. Remember to also consult the serial number which begins with the mention “XKW” for revised versions of the Switch.

8. A top configuration

The Nintendo Switch has a 720-inch and 6.5-inch screen resolution on the dimension side. For TV streaming, the Switch screen has a streaming capacity of up to 1080p.

The storage space of the console is for its part of 32 GB internal memory side. A capacity that remains expandable since you can add a MicroSD card with a capacity of 2 TB at most. The console also has a USB-C power port as well as three USB ports. It also has an HDMI output.

9. Suitable for young and old

Nintendo remains a staple in the world of family games. Known to be perfect for children, the brand indeed offers very creative games.

The adults are not for all that sidelined. They will always be able to enjoy good games in front of great Nintendo classics. The Switch is also ideal for spending good times with family or friends.

10. A versatile console

Whether on a docking station or in a mobile version, the Nintendo Switch offers ideal playing comfort. A distinction which makes it possible to prefer it to the Nintendo Lite for example.

Multiplayer games are also significantly better with the Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, with the Lite which is exclusively on mobile, you will have to be satisfied with the split screen mode. Also, some game dialogs are not suitable for a mobile display, it is better to opt for the Switch.

So there are more reasons not to fall for this special console too. A purchase to add as soon as possible to your shopping list for the end of the year celebrations.

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