100 GB at a low price and valid for life (-60%) 🔥

Without commitment, with a price that does not increase even after the first year and an irresistible price, here is the 100 GB plan that everyone dreams of.

Quick, it’s the watchword to take advantage of this crazy offer which allows you to subscribe to a 100 GB package at a mini price. It is the MNVO NRJ Mobile which, thanks to a monster reduction of 12 euros, allows its new customers to benefit from its Woot 100 GB mobile plan at only 7.99 euros per month. It’s very interesting because in addition to being non-binding, it’s unconditional. Which means that in theory, as long as you don’t cancel, you can keep it for life!

Usually, you have to pay 19.99 euros to benefit from this package. Today, and only until Tuesday evening, June 21, it is therefore possible to have it for only 7.99 euros. An offer as we see very rarely, which it would be a shame to miss. Finance level, it still gives a significant discount of -60%.

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As a reminder or for information, NRJ Mobile is an MNVO (virtual operator) so the network is based on the antennas of the incumbent operator Bouygues Telecom. This means that you benefit from the quality of its infrastructure in addition to its coverage which covers 99% of the population. Nothing to complain about on that side. Finally, the SIM card, it is charged 10 euros to pay at the time of your registration.

NRJ Mobile signs the best package of the summer

Given the strengths and advantages offered by this mobile plan, it could easily be considered the best of this summer. Indeed, in addition to benefiting from the quality of the Bouygues Telecom network, the latter makes it possible to cover the majority of the territory. Concretely, this means that you will have little chance of finding yourself without internet.

With 100 GB, you have more than enough to enjoy all your online multimedia content such as your video and music streaming applications, your video games, etc. This will also allow you to use it with a 4G box. In addition, this package also includes a dedicated internet envelope of 19 GB for your business trips, or your holidays abroad, in the European Union and the overseas departments.

There are of course the essential unlimited calls in Metropolitan France to landlines and mobiles (only to landlines from the EU and the overseas departments) and unlimited SMS and MMS, both in France and from abroad. As mentioned earlier, what makes this package particularly interesting is the fact that its price does not increase, even after the first year.

It is a small departure from the rule that NRJ Mobile has in store for us today since the latter usually tends to limit the promotions of its packages to a period of 12 months. In this specific case, it is therefore without any time constraint, and therefore, this means that as long as you do not cancel, you benefit from the advantageous rate for life!

Mobile plans that adapt to everyone

So yes, 100 GB is good, but for some people it may seem too much. In this case, NRJ Mobile has thought of everything! Indeed, alongside its 100 GB package, the operator offers two other equally interesting offers that adapt to everyone’s needs. They are in the same way as the star formula valid until Tuesday, June 21 in the evening. The services they integrate are identical, only the amount of internet and their price differentiate them. Here is the detail of the three mobile plans offered by NRJ Mobile:

  • 10GB plan (+10GB EU and DOM) at €4.99 instead of €15.99 (a saving of €11)
  • 30GB package (+10GB EU and DOM) at €5.99 instead of €9.99 (i.e. a saving of €4)
  • 100GB package (+19GB EU and DOM) at €7.99 instead of €19.99 (i.e. a saving of €12)

As you can see, you are spoiled for choice! Also, if you are from another operator and want to keep your current mobile number, you can do so with ease. To do this, you must enter your RIO code in the field provided for this purpose when you register. As a reminder, this figure corresponds to your unique subscriber number. It consists of 14 characters and allows you to cancel and ensure the portability of your telephone number. It is by dialing 3179 from your telephone that it is obtained.

Before the summer, this 100 GB package at only 7.99 euros will allow you to make maximum savings. With zero commitment, no time constraints, you remain free whatever happens and also benefit from a quality network based on that of Bouygues Telecom. By offering alongside other offers at even lower prices, NRJ Mobile also meets the needs of a large number of users. All you have to do is choose the offer that best suits your needs.

To discover the 100 GB package at 7.99 euros at NRJ Mobile, it’s here:

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