12,000 flights canceled due to a bug, how is that possible?

Due to a simple computer bug, American Airlines has seen almost all of its summer flights canceled.

American Airlines came close to industrial disaster. A few days before the summer vacation, all July flights operated by the company were canceled due to a simple computer bug. If the incident has since been repaired, more than 12,000 flights were concernedand the problem is not solved yet.

A simple bug blamed

Reported by the channel CNBC, the worldwide incident is actually due to a simple faulty command in the company’s system. This Saturday, July 2, the software in charge of leave requests has indeed authorized all pending leave requests from the firm’s employees. As a result, almost all summer flights ended up without a pilot or crew. A ” technical bug” which the company details in a press release: “Some schedule changes were accepted when they should not have been. We have resolved the issue for the vast majority of affected trips and do not anticipate any operational consequences as a result of this issue“.

Why is this problematic?

More fear than harm for holidaymakers therefore, the problem seems to have been solved. However, this bug highlights some technical malfunctions within the company. Flaws today criticized by pilots, who report similar bugs in 2015 and 2017 during the holiday season. Driven by requests for leave during the holiday period, the company is struggling to keep its pilots. In 2017, she notably promised them 150% of their salary to ensure the flights in question.

It should also be remembered that in addition to the complicated weather conditions at the moment, social movements are multiplying, especially in Europe. The poor salary conditions and the pace of work, which is very sustained in the post-covid summer period, are regularly pointed out by the staff.

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