12th generation Intel processors take on laptops

12th generation Intel processors take on laptops

The 12 generation of Intel processors is now available on laptops, and already promises explosive performance.

While the future still seemed dying for the troops of Intel not so long ago, the founder has finally resumed colors against AMD with a new generation of processors which for the moment fulfills all its objectives. But we still have to transform the test into a transformation, and the blue team was therefore expected at the turn during this CES 2022. It responded with announcements that were not necessarily exuberant, but which continue to build on the solid foundations laid by the 12th generation; the Alder Lake range is now expanding with 30 new models, including 8 for laptops.

As a reminder, this new generation is based on a hybrid design; it juggles between ultra-efficient cores (P-cores) and low-power, but extremely efficient cores (E-cores). The objective is thus to optimize the distribution of the load as much as possible, but also the energy performance of the animal.

The best portable CPUs ever produced?

This concept is obviously still present in the new U, P, and especially H series for laptops. It already has its spearhead in the person of the Core i9-12900HK, with its 6 p-cores and its 8 e-cores for a total of 14 cores and 20 threads. An arsenal which theoretically limits it to 2.5 GHz, but which can achieve a gigantic leap on demand to reach 5 GHz. Note that this raw power exercise will also increase the TDP of the machine from 45W to 115W. Watch out for the battery!

That’s enough to make it “the most powerful mobile processor ever,” according to Intel. The founder has justified this last assertion with a graphic which places it fortunately above its predecessor, the 11980HK. Compared to this previous generation, the progress is even quite impressive. Intel claims 28% more performance in-game, and 30% bonus muscle on the productivity side. But we can also see that it holds the upper hand to its main competitors, the Ryzen 5900HX from AMD and the M1 chips from Apple. Impressive, and a good omen for further operations.

The last step in a comeback

In any case, we can only be satisfied with this return to Intel’s business. While it seemed to bend under the onslaught of AMD in recent years, the turn of the 12th generation has been perfectly negotiated so far, and these portable CPUs seem of the same ilk as their big brothers for stationary machines. It only remains to wait for the release of these machines to confirm it; in any case, the competition between the two cross-country skiers will probably start again. And that’s great news for the entire industry for years to come.

The full list of new portable CPUs from Intel is available below.

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