150 million euros to fiber the most rural areas

Fiber must be available in all French households by the end of 2025. A great ambition which must be accompanied by heavy investments to be able to connect everyone, including in the most rural areas.

The fiber connection of all households in France is progressing well, the objective being to finish it by the end of 2025. But this operation must overcome significant obstacles, in particular in the most rural areas served by the networks. public initiative (RIP). It is within this framework that the France Relance plan, set up to boost the economy after the health crisis, provides for a budget of 150 million euros.

An envelope to overcome obstacles

This budget aims to resolve the difficulties that could cause the connection to fail, which is the final stage of deployment. The government explains that the majority of these difficulties can be solved by “ operational and regulatory actions », Such as information feedback, pruning or administrative authorizations.

But other difficulties require a financial boost, to compensate for the absence or failure of overhead and underground infrastructure: fallen poles, cables in the ground, etc. Actions which require civil engineering work. This is why these 150 million euros will be allocated to this type of work.

The money will be paid to the RIPs via a call for tenders, which will be submitted for public consultation in mid-December. The duration of this consultation will be 4 weeks. Then, the launch of the call for projects itself is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

While waiting for fiber for all, the very high speed France Plan (THD) acts as an intermediate step. Everyone should have a THD connection by next year. As of November 18, half of the population benefited from it a year ahead of schedule, the government said.

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