17 Android Apps You Should Remove Immediately That Steal Your Banking Information

Android users are unfortunately used to it: malicious applications are legion, whether they are available for download on the Play Store or elsewhere. About 20 of them appeared on the radar of security researchers.

Trend Micro has pinpointed 17 “Trojan horse” applications distributed on the Play Store, which Google recently removed. However, it is absolutely necessary to consult your smartphone to find out if one of them has not been downloaded: it could indeed cause serious damage.

The Octo malware goes on the attack

These apps are hosts to DawDropper, a trojan that will install the Octo (also known as Coper) malware. The latter can intercept text messages, collect sensitive information such as e-mail addresses, usernames, passwords or even steal banking information, all thanks to a screen recorder.

The malware also lowers the brightness of the screen and its backlight, and it turns off the sounds to make the user believe that the smartphone is on standby. But meanwhile, it recovers maximum data. The 17 apps are: Call Recorder, Rooster VPN, Super Cleaner, Document Scanner, Universal Saver Pro (two versions), Eagle Photo Editor, Call Recorder Pro+, Extra Cleaner, Crypto Utils, FixCleaner, Lucky Cleaner, Just In Video Motion , Document Scanner Pro, Conquer Darnes, Simpli Cleaner and Unicc QR Scanner. If one of these apps is lying around on your smartphone, delete it.

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Finally, Trend Micro gives several recommendations to avoid malicious applications that, unfortunately, can be distributed on the Play Store. Cautious users should always check app reviews for negative feedback.

If possible, you should also take a look at the publisher’s or developer’s website: if it arouses suspicion, you will avoid downloading the application. Finally, it is imperative to be wary of unknown sources: the Play Store has its flaws, but at least there are security mechanisms.

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