19-year-old American shot for trying to sell PlayStation 5

Last Sunday in the US state of Texas, a 19-year-old American boy was shot and wounded while trying to sell a Playstation 5. The victim’s life is not in danger, while the suspect still appears in the wild.

Last weekend, the sale of a PlayStation 5 console went awry in Harris County, Texas, USA. A 19-year-old teenager posted an ad online stating that he wanted to sell a PlayStation 5. The price is not specified, but copies of the machine being scarce, it was likely that a buyer would show up quickly and this regardless of the price displayed.

And that’s what happened. The seller and buyer had agreed to meet in a street on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. (local time). The teenager realized, however, that the other person had no intention of handing him a single penny, since they pulled out a gun.

He tries to steal a PS5 from a seller, injures him and leaves without the console

The supposed buyer threatened the seller with his device. Did the young man resist or did the abuser accidentally pull the trigger? Because it happened that a shot was emitted, and the seller to have collapsed, injured, on the side.

Possibly realizing that he had just crossed a new limit, the shooter fled. The gunshot apparently shook his mind to the point of causing him to run without the console in his arms. The victim was transported to a local hospital. In stable condition, according to the latest news, his vital prognosis would not be engaged.

Authorities have not provided a description of the suspect, who appears to still be at large and in possession of a weapon. As for the console, we do not know if it has since been recovered by the police and then returned to the victim. Once restored, the latter should no longer risk such transactions without many precautions taken beforehand.

Source: ABC13 Houston

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