WhatsApp : désactiver le téléchargement automatique des images et vidéos

20 hidden features that will make your life easier

Do you really know WhatsApp inside and out? Here is how to access 20 useful features for maximum user comfort. Write in another format, export an entire conversation, send ephemeral content… We explain everything to you.

WhatsApp: disable automatic downloading of images and videos

WhatsApp is loaded with various and varied features that make life much easier for users. You still have to know how to use it. In this file, we’ve selected 20 devilishly handy hidden tips. Good reading !

WhatsApp: here’s how to access 20 hidden features

Write in bold, italics and strikethrough

  • To write in fat, surround your message with the sign “*”.
  • To write in italics, surround your message with the sign “_”.
  • To write in Rod, surround your message with the sign “~”.


Find a message

Apartment code, Netfix identifiers, crisp revelations… It is sometimes necessary to find a particular message on WhatsApp. A very easy maneuver to perform thanks to the search engine embedded in the messaging system.

  • Click on the three small vertical dots at the top.
  • Press on To research.

WhatsApp: secrets

  • Enter a keyword that will allow you to find the message.
  • All occurrences appear in highlight. To go to the next one, just click on the down arrow.

WhatsApp secrets

Allow a contact to locate you

Some meeting points are sometimes difficult to find. Hence the interest of this feature which allows you to locate a contact live. But also to track a loved one who has to return home very late despite the dangers of the night. Here’s how to activate it on Android.

  • Press the trombone (or on the + on iOS) then on Location.

Location on WhatsApp

  • You can then share your location live or send your current location.

WhatsApp: live location

  • For live tracking, you just need to indicate how long you want to be tracked (15 minutes, 1 or 8 hours).

Put a message in your favorites

It is possible to set aside certain messages for quick access later.

  • Maintain your finger on the desired message and press the star appearing at the top of the conversation.

Favorite messages on WhatsApp

  • To consult it later, click on the three small dots on the home page then on Important messages.

Know all the details of a message

  • Select one of your messages by exerting a long pressure on it.
  • Then press Info (via the three little dots on Android).
  • You will then know exactly what time the message was delivered and read.

Info messages on WhatsApp

Mute a conversation

Turning mute on on WhatsApp is a very handy feature. Especially if you participate in group conversations that flood you with new messages on a daily basis.

  • In a conversation, go to settings at the top right, then tap Notifications in silent mode.

Activate mute on WhatsApp

  • Choose the desired mute duration (8 hours, 1 week, always).

Switch to dark mode

the dark mode will rest your eyes, offer you a certain reading comfort and save your battery. On iOS and Android, WhatsApp will be paved in black by default if dark mode is already activated at the operating system level. For Android users who have opted for a clear interface on their OS, it is possible to switch to dark mode exclusively on WhatsApp.

  • Click on the three small dots then on Settings> Discussions> Theme.
  • Check the dark theme box and click OK.

Enable dark theme on WhatsApp

Hide the reading indication “Seen”

You can hide the mention “Seen”, which indicates to your correspondent whether or not you have seen his message. To do this :

  • On the home page, click on the three small vertical dots then on Settings> Account.

WhatsApp Account

  • Then go to the section Confidentiality then uncheck the box Read confirmation.

WhatsApp read receipt

  • By deactivating this option, you will not send a “Seen” mention, but you will not receive one either.

Send an ephemeral photo or video

There are many reasons (intimate or not) that can lead you to want to send a photo or a video that destroys itself after viewing. This feature is now valid on the application.

  • Select the attachment you want to send.
  • A small 1 circled appears in the field reserved for the legend.

Ephemeral photo or video on WhatsApp

  • Click on it to send your ephemeral media. Do not forget, however, that your correspondent can still take a capture or record his screen …

Send ephemeral messages

With this trick, messages sent in a conversation will self-destruct after seven days.

  • Click on the contact’s name at the top of the conversation.
  • Then click on Ephemeral messages.

WhatsApp: activate ephemeral messages

WhatsApp: ephemeral messages

Stop saving photos and videos by default

By default, the media sent to you on WhatsApp are automatically saved in the gallery of your smartphone. Which obviously eats up a lot of storage space. Fortunately, it is possible to deactivate automatic recording:

  • Click on Settings > Discussions.
  • Uncheck the section Media visibility.

Media visibility on WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp from a computer

It is possible to chat with your contacts directly from your computer. Just follow the following steps:

  • Click on this link on your computer to access the QR code.
  • On the application, click on the three small dots then on Connected devices.
  • Press the green button Connect a device.
  • Scan the unique QR code.

Use WhatsApp on the computer

Block or unblock a contact

Is a contact bothering you? WhatsApp lets you block someone in the blink of an eye.

  • Access the conversation of the contact you want to block then click on the three small dots.
  • Then press More then on To block.

Block someone on WhatsApp

To unblock a contact, simply go to the conversation then tap on the message “You blocked this contact. Press to unblock it ».

WhatsApp: how to unblock a contact

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Lock the microphone to send a voice with the hands-free

Instead of sending text, it is obviously possible to send voice messages to your correspondents. To do this, keep your finger pressed on the microphone icon. But you can also lock the microphone, for convenience (especially for very long voice messages).

  • Tap and hold the microphone icon.
  • Slide your finger up to padlock.

Lock mic on WhatsApp

Activate customized notifications

  • In a conversation, tap Show contact.
  • Then press Personalized notifications.

Edit notifications on WhatsApp

  • Check the box Use personalized notifications then choose the sound of your choice!

Change notification sounds on whatsapp

Export an entire conversation

Want to quit WhatsApp but still keep a conversation? The procedure is very simple:

  • In the conversation to record, tap the three small dots and then tap More.
  • Then click on Export discussion.

WhatsApp: how to export a chat

  • You will then be asked if you want to include media.
  • Finally, select the channel through which you want to send your archive (Gmail, WhatsApp, Drive, Teams, etc.).

Delete a message sent in error

Up to an hour after sending, you can delete a WhatsApp message. A handy feature when your words have overtaken your thoughts or you’ve finally changed your mind. If you do it quickly, the other person won’t have time to read it.

  • Keep your finger pressed on the message to delete.
  • Click on the trash can icon then on Delete for all.

WhatsApp: delete a message

  • The mention the reference “You deleted this message” will appear instead of the deleted message.

Know who you communicate with the most

This tip will allow you to know with which contact you communicate the most on the application.

  • From the main page, click on the three small dots then follow the following path: Settings > Data usage and storage > Manage storage.

WhatsApp: storage

  • Your chats will be classified according to the storage space they take up.

Reply to a specific message in a group conversation

On WhatsApp, a group conversation can quickly become full of different messages. For the sake of clarity, responding to a particular message by quoting it helps avoid misunderstandings. Here’s how to do it:

  • Keep your finger pressed on the message then click on the arrow located at the top.

Reply to a message on WhatsApp

  • Then write your response under the quoted message.

Create a shortcut for a conversation

This tip is very useful for users who communicate very frequently with the same contact (or group of contacts). It allows you to create a shortcut redirecting directly to the WhatsApp conversation window.

  • In the conversation, press the three small dots and then click More.
  • Finally press Add a shortcut.

WhatsApp: how to create a shortcut

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