200 days after their open letter, Ubisoft employees deplore the lack of improvements

200 days after having addressed to their employer Ubisoft an open letter concerning the improvement of their working conditions, people gathered under the collective “A Better Ubisoft” claim to have received no response to their four key demands.

By the end of July 2021, more than a thousand Ubisoft employees, whether they had left the company or were still working there, had signed an open letter calling on the developer for sweeping changes. The requests made were aimed at responding to the issues, made public, of alleged acts of sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination within Ubisoft.

The missive accused management of not offering “nothing more than a year of kind words, empty promises and the inability or unwillingness to remove known offenders”. Today, the collective “A Better Ubisoft”, at the origin of this open letter, draws up a sad anniversary.

The “A Better Ubisoft” collective deplores an irrelevant internal investigation

On Monday February 14, 2022, 200 days after this open letter was sent to Ubisoft, its signatories deplore the absence of any notable progress. And this even if, a few days ago, Ubisoft staff received an internal video in which Anika Grant, director of human resources, presented the results of an internal satisfaction survey.

The collective indicates that this video, eight minutes long, was “not only very brief but incredibly opaque, with the entire investigation summarized in six talking points: three positives and three negatives”.

Later in its press release, “A Better Ubisoft” regrets that the results depicted do not reveal another reality:

“In an email from December 14, Anika said that 71% of employees feel comfortable being themselves at work. What has not been recognized is the number of people who feel they have to hide their true identity for fear of judgment or disapproval from their peers or superiors. »

Another point of desolation for the collective, the fact that the data collected for this survey only related to the age and sex of the respondents, while Ubisoft had assured that it wanted to understand the “minority and underrepresented voices”.

In summary, “A Better Ubisoft” regrets that its four key requests have not found an answer. Calls were made for an end to promotions or transfer of employees with proven misconduct, the establishment of a collective headquarters, collaboration between industries and that this involves union representatives and no one in a position of management .

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