200,000 players have signed the petition for reimbursement

We are not going to redo the novel of the catastrophic launch of Battlefield 2042. Arrived last November on consoles and PC, the last FPS to date from DICE did not shine by its technique, widely criticized as much by the media as by the players, the latter having been particularly vocal about their indignation on the social networks.

A group of gamers went further by opening a petition on the change.org site, calling for the refund of the game by its publisher Electronic Arts. A petition that has just exceeded the impressive figure of 200,000 signatures…

According to numerous consumer reports, Electronic Arts and DICE failed to deliver on their promises made at launch, and Battlefield 2042 was released in an unplayable state » can we read in this petition addressed to the major manufacturers of the video game industry, as well as to the Federal Trade Commission, an organization that monitors the American markets. ” Even today, Battlefield 2042 contains bugs that drastically alter the gaming experience, to the point where the title is considered incomplete by many members of the community.. »

Players Demand Battlefield 2042 Refunds At All Costs

The petition aims to call on industry groups to have a refund operation implemented on all platforms where the game is released. To support his cause, Sakamoto takes the example of the Steam digital store, which has decided to authorize immediate refunds of the game to customers who request it.

Nevertheless, if the petition seems to attract many signatures, it is extremely rare to see manufacturers put in place coordinated refund policies for a game, no matter how bad its technical condition. The exception is obviously Cyberpunk 2077CDPR’s blockbuster—but the order of magnitude is certainly not the same.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, however, does not lose hope in the ability of the title to rebuild its reputation. If the businessman admits the existence of ” unexpected performance issues and conceded that “some of the design choices “don’t have” also not found an echo with all the members ” the community Battefieldhe nevertheless reaffirms his desire to be fully committed to realizing the full potential ” Game.

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