3 games not to be missed in April!

You have a Nintendo Switch but you don’t know yet what you’ll be playing in April? Here are 3 games not to miss.

If since the beginning of the year game releases have been there, the month of April is rather calm on all media… except on Nintendo Switch. Indeed, Nintendo’s hybrid console will be entitled to some interesting releases, whether in terms of indie games or Nintendo’s home productions. Here are 3 games not to be missed on Nintendo Switch in April.

Aliisha: Oblivion of the Twin Goddesses

First of all, you will soon be able to experience the indie game Aliisha: Oblivion of the Twin Goddesses. This is a game that can be played both solo and in co-op and in which you play as twins who go in search of a temple with a mysterious history. In terms of their personalities, Aisha and Lisha are completely opposite to each other and we will have to play on their differences and their complementarity to move forward in the story.

Everything is wrapped in soft and almost poetic graphics. available on Nintendo Switch from April 1.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

In April, we are also waiting for the next opus of the adventures Lego Star Wars, which is none other than the Skywalker saga. This adventure game combines the story of the 9 films Star Wars, with the ability to play as over 300 playable characters. You are free to choose your hero for this tailor-made adventure, in which your choices impact the course of the story.

In addition to fighting with lightsabers, you can also sail on the edges of the franchise’s iconic ships, all redesigned with Lego sauce. To discover this game, meet on April 5 on Switch but also PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Finally, we end with the long-awaited Nintendo Switch Sports. worthy successor to Wii Sports, Nintendo is updating its successful franchise with 6 new sports on the program: bowling, tennis, volleyball, badminton, football and chanbara. The game hasn’t even been released yet that Nintendo is already planning to add a new sport this fall.

If you’re alone, don’t panic, Nintendo has taken care to integrate an online multiplayer mode that puts you in front of players from all over the world. See you on April 29 on Nintendo Switch to test your sports skills.

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