3 games to absolutely buy before the end of the eShop 3DS and Wii U

After’eShop of the Wii, Nintendo is preparing to close a new chapter in its digital history. If it is, a priori, impossible to keep all the titles 3DS and Wii U offered legally for download, here are three that should more than justify their investment.

The countdown has begun, and if we’ve already told you about the official end of the eShop 3DS and Wii U for March 2023, the deadline is probably closer than you think. Indeed, if prepaid cards will still be usable on these services until August 29, from May 23 of this year, it will no longer be possible to use a credit card to fund your account. In other words, for users who do not wish to go through an intermediary to buy their content, the time is in a hurry. But not in a rush.

We are going to focus on three titles still available for purchase on the eShop 3DS and Wii U. The particularity of each is to be accessible on their respective original platforms but at very repulsive prices. The interest is therefore to be able to try out quality games for a relatively small investment.

End of eShop 3DS and Wii: just with 3 games, save hundreds of euros!

Let’s start with Trip World, a title originally released on Game Boy and which is here only replayable on 3DS. A platform game where, a bit like the inflating Kirby, your avatar will have to take on different forms to overcome adversity and progress through the levels. Trip World being sold today for several hundred euros, whether it is the cartridge alone or the complete game, we can only strongly advise you to opt for this dematerialized version at 2.99 euros.

Summer Carnival ’92 RECCA is a special case because it was developed as part of a competition. Released in 1992 on the NES, at a time when the machine was increasingly neglected, this shoot ’em up is a great showcase of the capabilities of the NES, and perhaps even one of the most brilliant representatives of the genre on the support. Again, the 4.99 euros requested on 3DS appear as a happy alternative to the acquisition of the original version, priced at staggering amounts.

At last, A Shadow’s Tale takes us back a little less in time, since it appeared on Wii. With its concept of directing a shadowy character, this title is a beautiful poem to recite with the Nunchuk and the Wii Remote. While it will be difficult to get your hands on the physical Wii version at its original price, on the Wii U eShop, A Shadow’s Tale is offered for the much sweeter sum of 19.99 euros.

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