3 good reasons to succumb to its charm on Nintendo Switch

After having tested Square Enix’s Live A Live game on Nintendo Switch, we give you 3 good reasons to want to test it, almost 30 years after its first release.

In 1994, came out the little nugget Live A Live. A game developed by Square Enix, divided into several stories that look very different but which in the end all make sense with each other. An innovative concept 30 years ago, which Europeans were never able to discover officially… until the reissue of the game on Nintendo Switch, released during the month of July.

So it’s time to take out your console, because Live A Live is definitely a game to experience and here are 3 good reasons that should convince you to take the plunge!

8 stories for the price of one

Live A Live, it is the sum of 8 different courses, located at 8 time periods ranging from prehistory to the distant future, and never centered around the same characters. Each adventure therefore requires you to dive into very different universes from each other, so there will necessarily be one that will catch your eye – and others that you will like less.

Nevertheless they are mostly very well written, although the present remains the weakest of all in our opinion. Moreover, each offers us a pleasant immersion in worlds detached from ours, until the final surprise that awaits you when you have finished all the chapters. Everything is kept by a coherent red thread and gives you a fairly substantial lifespan. If you don’t necessarily feel an attachment to the characters at the start, because of the fragmented narration, hang in there, it’s worth it.

test live a live (2) story gameplay
Credits: Square Enix

Dynamic and varied gameplay

Obviously, with 8 different stories and new characters in each chapter, the gameplay must also be extremely varied and there is something for everyone. Overall, we stay each time on the classic bases of any RPG, with some nuances in relation to the way of bringing the dialogues, the special skills of the heroes or their inclinations in combat or diplomacy (or even in dodge).

A gameplay also quite free in the sense that you can choose to start with any chapter, stop it along the way, and discover another as you see fit. A freedom that is found a little less inside the stories, although being guided from time to time never hurts.

We also love its tactical combat more in real time than turn-based. They really make you think about every action you take and the blows you’re about to inflict. The strike zones differ from shot to shot and time plays against you as your opponent’s gauge fills up. Be careful, the blows of some people hurt a lot!

A Pixel Art as we like them

But the best reason to try Live A Live, it’s still for its nostalgic aura that brings us back directly to the 90s. Its graphics pay homage to the best of Pixel Art, but to more modern games with reworked animations and fluidity. Despite all the changes that Square Enix has made for playing comfort or even visual beauty, we love its old school atmosphere.

Honorable mention to the soundtrack which also succeeds in transporting us to each of the universes with a pronounced epic character.

I discovered Live A Live on Nintendo Switch

live to live test (3) graphics
Credits: Square Enix

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