3 good reasons to watch Peripherals on Prime Video

The new Prime Video series is a great surprise, which should delight science fiction fans.

In need of ambitious SF production? Do not panic, Amazon Prime Video has just unveiled a new nugget of the genre in its catalog. Here’s why you absolutely have to watch Peripherals, the worlds of Flynne this Friday, October 28.

It’s science fiction

While it’s time for fantasy on the various platforms, with the releases of House of the Dragon and Rings of Powerscience fiction fans can reassure themselves with the release of Peripherals, the worlds of Flynne on Prime Video.

Adapted from the thriller by William Gibson published in 2014, Peripherals: the worlds of Flynne brings together all the good ingredients of the genre. In the near future, technology has begun to subtly alter society. Ace of video games, Flynne Fisher will discover it when she is entrusted with a perilous mission.

When his brother is recruited by a mysterious organization to test a new virtual reality headset, it’s Flynne who puts it on to explore this stunning virtual world. What started out as a test will turn out to be more dangerous than it seems.

Credits: Prime Video

With its universe and its subject, this new series is not without reminding us Ready Player Onean excellent surprise by Steven Spielberg released in 2018. The new Prime Video series also takes the same starting point, wondering what consequences these virtual worlds will have for our reality.

We also obviously think of Matrix, a true masterpiece of the genre. If the series does not play the comparison card, it tries to pay homage to many stories through its narration.

It’s ambitious

With the firm intention of consolidating its position in the SVOD sector, Amazon is increasing its serial offers. A few days after the end of her series The Rings of Power, she unveils another ambitious production.

If the budget is otherwise less substantial, the series is not satisfied with the bare minimum. Skilfully staged, it stands out as both beautiful and captivating entertainment. The director shows inventiveness to stage this bubbling adventure in a dystopian future.

Credits: Prime Video

This is particularly true in the way the series has to stage these virtual universes nevertheless more real than life. Action, mystery and societal questions, Peripherals: the worlds of Flynne definitely has more than one trick up its sleeve.

Westworld creators are involved

HBO is a successful factory. On the fantasy side the channel has Game Of Thrones but it’s Westworld which stands out as a reference for SF. Movie adaptation Worldwestthe series created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan quickly established itself as a reference among the public.

The two screenwriters and directors return here to the delegated production of this new project. We thus find themes and mechanics that are dear to them: the way in which the past and the present respond to each other or even what the virtual tells about our real world.

The mystery is also there, the series promises some nice twists in the future. They are already plentiful in these first two episodes.

To discover Peripherals, the worlds of Flynne, it’s on Prime Video that it’s happening. The series airs on a weekly basis on Fridays. In the casting, we find Chloë Grace Moretz in the skin of the main character. Jack Reynor (Cherry) and JJ Feild (Love at first sight in Austenland) are also on the trip. fans ofHarry Potter will also be delighted to find Katie Leung who played Cho Chang in the saga.

Discover Peripherals, the worlds of Flynne on Prime Video

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