3 important things to know before its release

Less than a month from the release of God of War Ragnarök, we come back to 3 essential facts.

Sony is releasing its next big exclusive in less than a month. God of War Ragnarok, in addition to being highly anticipated, is a very credible candidate for game of the year, so a lot of pressure is on its shoulders. Before you can find out on PlayStation, here are 3 things you absolutely need to know ahead of its release on November 9 next.

The last game of the Nordic saga

The developers had announced it a few months ago, God of War Ragnarok will indeed be the last game set in Norse mythology. After a trilogy in ancient Greece, it is finally after two opuses that this new reboot-like saga will come to an end, with a ending with great fanfare. That doesn’t mean the franchise will end there, though.

Indeed, emphasizing “the end of the Nordic saga” is above all to insinuate that the license will indeed continue, but simply not in the same universe. Now we don’t really know what to expect. The franchise could just as well take a turn towards other mythologies, like returning to its origins but with big changes to be expected.

Kratos in mortal danger

This is a point that follows directly from the preceding fact. At this time, the developers have not announced that the end of the Norse series will mean the death of Kratos and the succession of Atreus. However, put end to end with the narrative elements of God of War (2018), we understand that the end is near for the god of war. As a reminder, the previous opus ended on the fresco of the giants in Jötunheim.

This one predicted the whole adventure of our heroes, as well as their future which looked rather bleak. Atreus, who in fact turns out to be the demigod Loki, should normally be at the origin of Ragnarök, an event which must annihilate the ases gods… and which gives its name to the next game. The young man being on his way to puberty, it is quite possible that we will find him later on his own, for a complete revival of the franchise.

Pay attention to the version you buy

We end with an essential point for your wallet. With the release of God of War Ragnarok, Sony is dropping its free next-gen update concept. The firm therefore offers two different versions of its title. If you own a PS4 and aren’t planning on investing in a PS5 anytime soon, you can pre-order the game for $69.99. Please note that you will not be able to upgrade your version later. PS5 players should opt for the $79.99 version, which includes a PS4 version in case they kept their old device.

To reserve your edition, don’t hesitate to consult our God of War Ragnarök pre-order guide.

Pre-order God of War Ragnaröjk on PS4

Pre-order God of War Ragnaröjk on PS5

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