3 new games to test on the platform

Netflix will soon add 3 new titles to its mobile game offer, including its first FPS.

Netflix continues its rise in the field of video games by announcing the arrival of 3 new mobile games directly on its platform. Among them, two are already available, and a last one will have to wait for an indefinite period. Here are the three new games presented by Netflix.

Breakout, storytelling and FPS

The first game unveiled is Shatter Remastered, a revisited version of the famous title Brick Breaker – or casse-brique in French. In this title, you will face original levels, at the crossroads of the worlds between the action game and the arcade game. It obviously contains intense boss fights and a very particular level design.

Netflix also announces This is a True Story, an educational and narrative game that transports you to the heart of Africa, to a village struggling to survive without water and without the modern comforts of rich countries. Inspired by real facts and testimonials, this game allows you to explore the earth, and contemplate the hand-painted landscapes.

Finally, the last title is Into The Dead 2: Unleashed, the firm’s first FPS. For the moment, the latter is not yet available and will arrive “soon”. In terms of content, the game will be a hybrid product between a runner game and an FPS, in which you will have to survive waves of zombies by shooting them.

Netflix’s offer is getting bigger and bigger

Added to the dropper, mobile games on Netflix are nevertheless a resounding success, while the firm mainly wants to establish itself as a real competitor to the Apple Arcade service, only available on iOS. to date, if the Netflix catalog does not yet have the means to seriously compete with that of Apple, in terms of quality but also of quantity, it goes without saying that the firm of Reed Hastings is taking a step after the another to achieve his ends.

If you want to have an overview of all the titles available on the platform, go to this page. A total of 16 games are already available on Netflix.

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