3 reasons to play the campaign before multiplayer

Activision is making a strong comeback for its FPS franchise with a reboot that promises to push the license to the next level. Test.

Thirteen years after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, the cult FPS returns in a reimagined version much to the delight of series regulars. Be careful though, you should not expect to discover the title of yesteryear carried by a next-gen graphics engine. Indeed, like the 2019 version of Modern Warfare, this iteration of Modern Warfare II is a completely new title, based on the original games. With this direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2019, players find themselves immersed in a war that makes many references to our own world, starting with the year in which it is set.

The action takes place in the year 2022 and is loosely inspired by major events in the geopolitical history of our time. As usual, it’s a condensed action that is offered to us in a script campaign that pushes ever further the limit between video game and action cinema. Making full use of next-gen technologies, this title call of duty of a new kind comes to establish a new standard for the license after the failure of call of duty vanguard released in November 2021. Players who pre-ordered Modern Warfare II have been able to try out the campaign in early access since October 20. This week in advance was the perfect opportunity to discover this single player mode while waiting for the multiplayer that players are used to favoring. As the game officially releases next october 28we have concocted 3 reasons for you to embark on the solo adventure before going to play the PGMs in multiplayer.

An action movie in which you are the hero

Although Call of Duty is known for its multiplayer modes that have shaped the online FPS industry, the campaigns have offered an experience worthy of great action films for several years now. Modern Warfare II is no exception to this rule and offers players an adventure that will immerse them in the very heart of a cinematographic genre generally appreciated by fans of the license. Although this title does not invent anything and offers a very classic scenario, it’s the level of immersion thanks to the gameplay that makes this campaign a little nugget. From the first mission to the last, the variety implemented in the levels leaves no room for boredom and transports the player from A to Z.

The presence of renowned actors such as Glenn Morshower, known for his many roles in films and action series (X Files and The experts to name a few) reinforces the feeling of a Hollywood film in a video game format. The new optional dialogue system allows you to get closer to the different characters and create your own experience. The immersion is such that it is very easy to get caught up in the game, so that the adventure passes even a little too quickly. It will not take long for players deciding to embark on the campaign before reaching the end of it, which may be a little disappointing but also serve as a concrete argument to take part in it before embarking on multiplayer.

Training is important!

This reason is probably the most logical. Many will say, however:I don’t need practice, I’ve been playing Call of Duty for years!“But like every new edition of Activision’s FPS, this one comes with its share of gameplay subtleties that are important to store in order to be on top once in multiplayer. Modern Warfare II’s campaign, in addition to being excellent and action-packed, offers such a variety of missions that you will come out of it much stronger. Even the most experienced players will be able to get their hands on all the weapons in the game in order to make them devastating tools against other players.

In addition, the different difficulty modes offered allow you to tailor the experience to your needs, and as much to say that there is something for all players. The second difficulty mode already makes the AI ​​a formidable opponent, so playing on high difficulty serves as a great warm-up. You will find yourself against enemies of a level equal to very good players with surprising reflexes.

The stunning realism

The masterstroke of this new episode lies above all in the visual quality that Activision offers us. Tested on PC and PlayStation 5, the title offers strikingly realistic graphics, while managing to maintain a very high refresh rate (120fps on the PS5 side). These performances are a credit to the campaign but will also be essential in multiplayer for even more fluidity. The fictional city of Al Mazrah where the title campaign begins will also be the playground for players in the new version of Warzone.

The amount of landscapes offered in the various journeys of the campaign demonstrates the impressive work of the game’s teams in terms of photogrammetry. This kind of dimension measurements from perspective photos allow absolutely stunning renderings of real areas. Thus, one of the first missions of the game (which did not fail to make the buzz on social networks) proposes to walk in a version more real than life of the red light district of Amsterdam. If ever virtual tourism under the air of war does not interest you and you absolutely want to go face other players, know all the same that completing the campaign unlocks a package of rewards ranging from operators to experience bonuses through exclusive weapons.

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