3 things you can do with ExpressVPN

If ExpressVPN is the leader in the VPN industry, it opens many doors for you on the Internet. Discover all its advantages here.

Still having trouble imagining what a VPN can offer you on a daily basis? Very simply, know that this kind of software has applications in many areas. First of all, note that a VPN is above all there to ensure your security on the net, by protecting your personal data and preserving your privacy.

But a VPN will also allow you to bypass geo-limitations, and access much freer browsing. However, to benefit from all these advantages, take care to choose a quality VPN. ExpressVPN happens to be the best globally, so find out what it can do for you here.

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Browse safely and privately

The primary purpose of VPNs is to ensure your security on the Internet and on connected applications, so it’s no surprise that ExpressVPN puts the package at this level. Indeed, ExpressVPN is excellent for your protection.

As soon as you activate the software, it has you covered instantly, via two separate actions. The first of these actions is the encryption of your browsing data. ExpressVPN uses the AES-256 algorithm to do this, which is the most powerful in the cybersecurity field.

Your personal information – such as your bank details – is therefore no longer at risk of being hacked. The second action implemented by ExpressVPN is the complete masking of your IP address. By preventing your IP from being exposed online, ExpressVPN will hide your identity and location, contained therein.

These precautions will allow you to browse anonymously, and to no longer be the target of cyberattacks. And to ensure your privacy as best as possible, also note that ExpressVPN is 100% No-Log. It simply means that the software does not store any information about you or what you do online.

And currently, all this security is accessible at a bargain price, thanks to a 49% reduction and 3 months offered on the one-year subscription to ExpressVPN. You can therefore enjoy 15 months of protection for only €103.84, instead of more than €200.

Stream freely and without limits

The uses of ExpressVPN are multiple, and security is only the first. If you like streaming, know that this software is also the one for you. Indeed, ExpressVPN offers many advantages at this level.

First, and not least, is the VPN’s extensive network of servers. The provider has more than 3,000 servers worldwide, and these are located in a record number of countries: 94 in total. Thanks to this vast geographical coverage, you will be able to connect anywhere in the world, in order to modify your IP address, and therefore your virtual location.

Having done this, you will then be able to access all the global web content, which is especially useful in the area of ​​streaming. Indeed, platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Hulu are divided into different catalogs, and you can only access the one for your country.

With ExpressVPN, you can therefore unblock all the libraries of international streaming platforms and stream without limits. And all of this is easily accessible from the ExpressVPN application. The latter adapts to a computer, but also a tablet, smartphone, console, connected TV or router.

And you should know that a single account with ExpressVPN allows you to connect up to 5 devices at the same time. It is therefore a big advantage to equip yourself with ExpressVPN for streaming.

Play online optimally

If you want to have another example of what ExpressVPN can do for you, know that this VPN is also particularly appreciated by gamers around the world. Indeed, being able to change your virtual location is also very useful in the field of online gaming.

With ExpressVPN, you will be able to connect to foreign game servers that are normally inaccessible to you. If you play Call of Duty, for example, know that you can access the famous Easy Lobbies, known to offer you better rankings more easily.

But if this provider is so popular in the world of gaming, it is also and above all thanks to its connection speeds. This software is very fast, it absolutely does not slow down your throughput. Thus, you will be able to play fluidly, without latency or lag of any kind.

ExpressVPN is therefore an excellent software for gaming and remember, it is available to you in a single offer. The VPN is currently available for only €6.93 per month instead of €13.45 normally.

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Also, be aware that by opting for this VPN, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. All you need is a simple request to customer service, available 24/7 to make it work, so you take no risk.

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