3 tips for finishing the Vampire Survivors "Dairy Plant"

3 tips for finishing the Vampire Survivors “Dairy Plant”

Last zone added in vampire survivors, the “Dairy Plant” is the most difficult to cover in thirty minutes. And yet, provided you go on an adventure with a few things in mind, this dairy factory should prove to be more surmountable than it seems.

Over the updates made by its creator Luca Galante, vampire survivors inevitably becomes richer. And if one could imagine that many hours of practice would forge players more and more masters of the game, the third zone “Dairy Plant” (“dairy factory”) could destabilize some, even many. Blame it on a surge of enemies that is difficult to manage.

This level has since been the subject of several fixes to make the progression fairer, and we can now assure that it is quite possible to survive 30 minutes in the “Dairy Plant”. And what’s more without any improvement available in the main menu.

Vampire Survivors: bet on garlic to overcome the dairy factory

By contenting oneself with surviving in the “Dairy Plant”, it is first necessary to say that, more than elsewhere, it will be necessary to build ramparts as quickly as possible. Without surprise, Garlic is a primary weapon here, thus allowing not only to embrace waves of enemies more easily, but in addition to amassing experience more quickly. You may therefore have already understood that defense appears to be the best attack in this level, where the chests will be opened without delay to keep up with your opponents.

The Bible, the Song of Water and the Runetracer are all allies that it would be unwise to ignore in such a game. Corn let’s not forget the Knife and its evolution. Indeed, this weapon, once in its ultimate form, allows uninterrupted shots. Convenient to advance in a single direction by guaranteeing enemies pushed back long enough to pass them.

And once this level is completed, you can try to return to it in its even more angry form, even if no Achievements will be unlocked for having completed this “Hyper” version.

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