3 Vampire Survivors Details You May Have Missed

3 Vampire Survivors Details You May Have Missed

Title constantly enriching itself and unleashing passions, vampire survivors conceals details more or less visible and of relative importance. Spotlight on three of them which, while not all of them will make you a better toothy survivor, should at least make you shine for the time of a social post.

First of all, we can briefly return to the principle of vampire survivors, dodge simulator at 2.39 euros that can be used on a PC with a single joystick in 95% of the time. The goal is to reach 30 minutes of survival with improvements obtained through the experience left by most enemies. Quick, right?

Just on the homepage of the game, a visual element may disturb some. vampire survivors can already be considered a plagiarism, or at best a title very inspired by Magic Survival, from the mobile environment. However, the borrowings are not limited to the concept, nor even to the sprites of people and objects, thus getting very close to what we see in the 2D episodes of Castlevania. No, because the pose of the female character to the right of the logo is taken from the cover of Bayonetta 2.

Vampire Survivors: a manipulable Runetracer?

The other two pieces of information that will be discussed relate to game mechanics. Knowing that the chests left by bosses are the only means of accessing a weapon evolution, it could be tempting to ignore them activate only after reaching one or more maximum levels. Problem: are the contents of these chests defined at the very moment of their appearance? Rest assured, because a chest obtained while your garlic is at level 4 will grant you its evolution if you return to level 8 and with the appropriate support item.

Last detail and possibly the most obscure, it concerns the Runetracer. Probably the most popular weapon in the whole game, it allows you to hit a lot of opponents in a fairly short time. Its use is notable in the library because the space being closed, the Runetracer can bounce there for even more damage. But in the Mad Forest or Green Acres, the environment has no limits or edges, and so danger can come from all sides. However, you may notice that the Runetracer still changes direction if it reaches an edge of the screen. It is still necessary that the player is able to cause this rebound… and that such manipulation is more practical than aesthetic.

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