3D printing is also for pastries!

3D printing is also for pastries!

Fighting the enslavement of molds and gravity is the rather noble fight of Digital Pâtisserie! This company has developed Patiss3, a culinary 3D printer.

All those who have one day embarked on a recipe to cook a pastry have been able to realize the difficulty of the thing. The preparation steps are numerous and require complex manipulations. The Pâtisserie Numérique’s culinary 3D printer promises to cut the time required for preparation by ten, thus offering greater creative freedom to pastry chefs.

Incredible precision for pastry chefs

Marine Coré-Baillais, founder of the company, has already worked for the leader in 3D printing Sculpteo. She is also a former member of chef Cédric Grolet’s brigade in Mauritius. His company uses a patented technology that allows the creation of free shapes down to the millimetre.

The printer, which was presented at the Vivatech show, served visitors a dessert called Coral, revisiting the Concorde, an emblematic recipe for French pastry. Chocolate mousse, meringue, cocoa shortcrust pastry and fruit confit are the main ingredients of this culinary innovation!

Technically, the mold is “printed” with two powders that will carry the structure and be reusable seven times. It is possible to achieve all possible and imaginable shapes.

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The printer, intended for professionals (pastries, restaurants, biscuit factories), promises a 26% increase in profitability by saving on manufacturing time, on silicone or steel moulds. A marketplace is also available to exchange 3D plans.

In addition, Digital Pâtisserie is at the origin of the Foodlab, a creation, research and development laboratory which will invite chefs to invent dishes. The place will be inaugurated in August in Rouen. The Foodlab will be next to the Fauchon school, which is set up nearby, Rouen being known for its biscuit tradition.

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