4 films and series to watch after season 4

While waiting for the fifth season of Stranger Things, here are some movies and series to watch.

Season 4 of Stranger Things delivered its conclusion last week, with a finale that lived up to the Duffer Brothers’ reputation. While waiting for the fifth and final season, but also the spin-off and the play, the catalogs of SVOD platforms still have something to remind us of the good memories of the 1980s, with a selection of cult films and series or more. recent ones which we definitely never tire of.

The Goonies (1985)

A real Proust madeleine for many children of the 1980s, The Goonies will soon disappear from the Netflix catalog. Don’t panic, there’s still time to see or rewatch one of the most striking productions of its generation. Based on an original idea by Steven Spielberg, the film is scripted by Chris Columbus, to whom the cinema will owe the first two adaptations of the saga twenty years later. Harry Potter. Directed by Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon, Tales from the Crypt), the film quickly established itself as a reference of the genre.

The spiritual ancestor of Stranger Things has lost none of its flavour, even after almost 30 years of existence. The cult film will however leave the platform’s catalog on next july 14, a pretty amazing timing choice from the red N. If dubious haircuts, cartoonish villains with Machiavellian plans and unbearable kids capable of chaining punchlines even in a critical situation are your hobby, we advise you to take a look. If only to discover the predecessors of Eleven and her band.

Super 8 (2011)

If it didn’t come out in the 1980s, Super 8 imposes itself as a vibrant tribute to an era fantasized by many nostalgic thirtysomethings. The film takes place at the dawn of the decade, in the middle of the summer of 1979, when a group of teenagers are shooting a Super 8 film. Camera in hand, they witness a strange train accident, and see the city ​​struck by a series of unexplained events.

Co-produced by Steven Spielberg, Super 8 bears the hallmark of the star filmmaker of his generation. However, the film is signed J J. Abrams, who works both in the direction and in the screenplay. The creator of Lost, Fringe or A.k.a does not sulk its love of the strange, and delivers an adventure to make the gang of Hawkins pale.

Dark (2017)

Netflix Original Production, Dark did not have the same success as Stranger Things. The series, however, plays on similar codes, with great reinforcement from the 1980s, the disappearance of children and hostile parallel worlds. Proof that SF epics are not reserved only for the United States, this time it is in Germany, in the city of Winden that the plot takes place. Darker and more mature than the Duffer Brothers series, Dark is directed by Baran Bo Odar and scripted by Jantje Friese, who signs here their first international production thanks to the platform of Reed Hastings.

Far from the extended series, the original production ended in 2020, after three breathtaking seasons. The entirety is available on Netflix. Be careful, your brains may be put to the test.

It (2017)

When Stranger Things meets a horror movie, we get That. Released in 2017 and available on the Amazon Prime Video catalog, the thread tells the story of a gang of kids rejected by their comrades, who find themselves confronted by a terrifying shape-shifting predator, called “It”. Forbidden to children under 12, the feature film by Andy Muschietti, and based on a work by Stephen King, quickly established itself as a cult figure in horrific pop culture. The simple fact of showing a child in yellow raincoat wearing a red balloon is generally enough to invoke the Clown Pennywise in people’s minds.

Little more: a member of the cast of Stranger Things was invited to the program. This is Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike in the Duffer Brothers series.

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