4 new day one releases will soon be announced for Xbox Game Pass PC

The Game Awards ceremony is fast approaching, with its awards ceremony and especially its cascade of bombastic announcements of all kinds. While we do not yet know what will be in store for this ceremony scheduled for the night of December 10, Microsoft suggests that its Xbox Game Pass PC not will not be outdone … With no less than 4 new day one outings announced.

The PC will be talked about at the Game Awards

As reported humorously by the Xbox Game Pass PC official Twitter account, 4 new announcements will be made during the Game Awards ceremony. So obviously the time has come for more or less enlightened forecasts: the PC release agenda for the end of 2021 — and the beginning of next year, on occasion — has no shortage of interesting releases.

January 12, Monster hunter rise will leave its exclusive Nintendo Switch to go aground on the shores of the PC — and why not on the Xbox Game Pass at the same time. Microsoft’s subscription service had previously hosted the franchise’s previous game Monster hunter world, and it would not be surprising to see Capcom once again strengthen its partnership with the American firm.

What will be the winning prediction?

More hypothetical, we could also consider the arrival of Judgment on Xbox Game Pass PC. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, a listing having leaked on the cloud gaming service NVIDIA GeForce Now left between that the game from Yakuza Studios could well be released on PC… And why not on the Game Pass? The latter already counts on the presence of all the episodes of the franchise Yakuza released on Xbox console and PC. There is surely still a little room to bring in the intrepid detective Takuya … If indeed a PC port is possible in the current context.

Still at SEGA: the Japanese publisher is preparing to publish Total War: WARHAMMER III next February. New version of the strategy-game franchise, this time shot in Games Workshop style, this is one of the most awaited releases by the PC gaming public… And could be a very, very big blow for Microsoft if the game arrived day one on the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

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