5.4 million hacked accounts, how do you know if you are concerned?

After a massive Twitter hack, the personal data of 5.4 million people was put up for sale.

While the platform could have become Elon Musk’s new toy, Twitter has become the target of a massive hack. According to the RestorePrivacy site, the data of 5.4 million people has been corrupted and put up for sale on a dark web platform. Among the information concerned, there are in particular access identifiers, telephone numbers, but also surnames, first names and location data.

A security breach at the origin of the leak

The data, put up for sale by a hacker known by the pseudonym of Devil, comes from a major Twitter security breachdiscovered in January 2022. At the time, the firm’s anti-duplicate system made it possible to obtain several sensitive information about any user. The flaw was quickly fixed, but several million accounts were siphoned off in a few weeks. The data has since been put up for sale for $30,000, and an independent system has confirmed its authenticity.

How do you know if you are affected?

According to the hacker, the hacked accounts would mainly belong to accounts of famous and verified personalities, but also to companies, and – to a lesser extent – ​​to anonymous people. Difficult for the moment to know who is concerned. The only certainty: the piracy would not concern than users who have used the Android application. The database is currently still for sale, so hopefully it won’t fall into the wrong hands. For its part, Twitter has confirmed that it has taken the necessary measures. An internal investigation has been opened.

Either way, prevention is better than cure. The flaw having been exploited before last January, we advise you to change your password to prevent account theft. In general, it is also preferable to activate double authentication, which will allow you to secure your account while alerting you if someone tries to connect in your place.

Account hacking: how to react and protect yourself

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