5 awesome audio sharing features to discover on Spotify

5 awesome audio sharing features to discover on Spotify

A few days ago, Spotify officially unveiled the streaming platform’s Wrapped 2021 experiences. The goal is to help users share what they listen to in order to have a good time with their loved ones. To help you show off your Spotify content with these, here are five options you can use.


Use the “Friends activity” option

The “Friends activity” option is a feature that allows you to see the listening activity of people who follow you on Spotify. To activate it, simply go to the settings and check the “Share my listening activity on Spotify” button.

For new accounts on the streaming platform, friends activity will appear empty to the right of the app. This will fill up as the people you follow complete their listening activity. It is also possible to find your Facebook friends by adding your account. To do this, use the “Add friends” button at the top right of the friends activity.

Share Wrapped cards on social networks

The Spotify streaming platform allows its users to share Wrapped cards on multiple social networks. These include Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This year, the company announces that it is possible to share 2021 wrapped cards through Tik Tok.

Even more, the application allows you to send your friends a link that redirects to a song, podcast or playlist. This is also handy for scrapbooks using text messaging apps or the majority of social media.

To use this feature, go to the three dot menu in your app. Then click Share in the options that appear. Then choose the channel on which you want to send your link and complete your transaction. The other option that presents itself is to directly copy the link of the file and transfer it through other applications.

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Create a Spotify code to share with friends

Would you like to create a playlist and share it with your colleagues, friends or those around you? On Spotify, it is possible to generate scannable QR-type codes that allow you to view several types of content. Among other things, users can use it to track artist profiles, brand profiles, albums and songs.

To access it, all they need to do is scan the QR code with their smartphone camera. For the creation of a Spotify code, it is necessary to enter a Spotify URI. To obtain it, you must:

  • Right click and hold “Option” on Mac Where Alt on Windows,
  • Click on the practice on the right side of the screen,
  • Select To share and click on Copy Spotify URI.

After its various steps, paste the code into the site to create a URI. Finally, choose a color or design and save the code for use anywhere.

Create a collaborative playlist with friends

A collaborative list is useful for exchanging podcasts and / or musical discoveries with friends. It also allows you to create a perfect playlist with them. To use it, you must first choose the list on which you want to collaborate on Spotify. Then hit the “Add User” button in the header to make the playlist collaborative.

Once the playlist is ready, invite your friends to add songs and podcasts to social media or messaging apps. You can also copy and paste the link anywhere. In addition, it is important to specify that Spotify gives the possibility of blocking people on a collaborative list. They will therefore no longer have access to your activities on the platform.

Create a sharing group session

A final option for sharing content on Spotify is to create a group session. With his friends and relatives, it will then be possible to listen to music or podcasts simultaneously, regardless of the distance.

However, note that this feature is only available for Spotify Premium users. Like the previous options, group sessions are used by sharing a link on social media or messaging apps.

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