5 board games that give the (ci) scare

Here’s something to spice up your costume parties with cards and trays with these games made for pranksters.

Halloween is synonymous with ghosts and spirits. But rather than throwing yourself into a game of Ouija board that could go wrong, there are plenty of other games that lend themselves perfectly to the atmosphere of this fall festival. If you’re more into video games, a selection of seven unmissable titles is already waiting for you. But if you’re the type to share experiences over a game board and a few cards, we might have just the thing for you. Gather your friends, put on your costumes and roll the dice for wild games.


If you’ve always dreamed of playing as a Disney villain, this strategy game is for you. Once launched in Villainous, it’s time to bring out the worst in you to conquer it all in this strategy game like no other. Each iconic villain is perfectly represented with their own unique cards that offer unique gameplay to achieve a personal goal. Playing as Maleficent will lead you to curse her kingdom while playing Prince John involves getting rich while thwarting Robin Hood’s plans. Derived in numerous expansions and a Marvel spin-off, the Villainous universe promises hours of play in perspective. It’s also an opportunity to dress up as a big bad guy for even more role-playing, perfect isn’t it?

Credits: Ravensburger

Awaken the villain within you

Rail Adventurers: Ghost Train

Les Aventuriers du Rail is a classic board game. If you like shopping like in Monopoly but hate the length and the rules, this railway game is the perfect alternative. In this game, each player must create railway lines to reach emblematic cities on different world maps (depending on the chosen game box). Nothing is more satisfying than ruining your opponents’ plans by taking control of a line before them. Les Aventuriers du Rail: Ghost Train takes up this cult gameplay by adapting it for the youngest, all carried by a most charming Halloween theme.

Credits: Ways of Wonder

Ghost train ticket


Nothing like an escape game to immerse yourself in an otherworldly atmosphere. Fans of the HP Lovecraft universe will find their account with these puzzles to do at home. The ESCAPE BOX collection has already proven itself with many themed game kits, and this one will make the perfect companion for a Halloween party under the sign of the occult. A game master takes care of hiding all the clues in your environment, and players can then embark on one of the three scenarios offered in this same kit. With a time limit of 60 min (which you don’t have to respect, but that would be a shame), this short format promises a good dose of fun, even for players with average concentration. Immersing yourself in this universe and playing the game of atmosphere make this experience a real nugget not to be missed.

Credits: 404 editions

Escape Cthulhu

Werewolf for one night / Vampire for one night

This version derived from the famous werewolf of Thiercelieux is a must for evenings with friends. No need for a large group of players forming games that can be endless, Werewolf for a Night offers all the joy of the great classic in a much less indigestible format. Playable from 3 to 10 players for games of about 10 minutes, this game is a pleasure to repeat again and again thanks to its nervous gameplay. After the success of Among Us, social deduction games take center stage and this title is sure to please your whole group of friends. Little more significant: a second box called Vampire for a night is interchangeable with this one to spice up even more the progress of the games. Whether you’re more of a werewolf, vampire or both, there’s nothing like having fun on October 31st.

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I join the werewolves

I join the vampires

The Mansions of Madness

The most seasoned board players will find their happiness with Mansions of Madness. This cooperative game mixes horror and investigation for an experience perfectly suited to the end of October party. Fans of the Lovecraft universe will find a certain affinity with the content of this game box which offers a supernatural and occult adventure. The board and the figurines come to compose a beautiful physical picture on your game table while a companion application (obligatory it should be noted) will come to guide the players in the different scenarios and install an agonizing atmosphere as desired. The haunted mansions of Arkham await you if you dareā€¦

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Find the mysteries of Arkham

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