5 board games to set the mood

To brighten up your New Year’s Eve parties, here are 5 games to consume without moderation.

The end of the year is approaching, and you are still wondering how to liven up your late New Year’s party? If you are looking for something a little more original than Limit Limit and its many variations, here is a non-exhaustive selection of five party games to share without moderation, whether you are two or sixteen around the table. With quick rules and addictive mechanics, these playful nuggets already promise to ignite your December 31st, and the rest of the year 2022.

My friends are…

By Benoit Turpin, Romaric Galonnier, illustrations by Mathieu Clauss – edited by Le droit de perd
3 to 11 players, from 16 years old, game of around 30 minutes
Released September 29, 2021 – € 22.50

If you’ve ever wondered why some Google searches are made, My friends are… is the game for you. Released just a few months ago, the game by Benoit Turpin and Romaric Galonnier stands out as a version 2.0 of A gold family. The concept is simple, we state the beginning of sentences, and other players must find the most popular internet searches. It’s funny, often confusing, and sometimes very strange. The opportunity to discover the worst internet user, but also certain research which one would never have suspected the existence. A very good game to go out in the evening, but that we will also like to leave lying around on the coffee table to set the mood between two slices of salmon.

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Taco Hat Cake Gift Pizza

By Dave Campbell, illustrations by Simon Douchy – edited by Blue Orange
2 to 8 players, from 8 years old, game of about 10 minutes
Released July 2, 2021 – € 8.95

After the success of the zany Taco Chat Bouc Cheese Pizza, Dave Campbell and Simon Douchy return this year with a anniversary edition of their frenzied discard game. As with the original version, the rules can be explained in seconds, and will offer you dozens of frenzied games at the end of the evening. It’s addicting, it’s funny, it’s ruthless, and the adorable unicorn and taco illustrations alone are worth a visit. Be careful though to keep the glasses away from the table, an accident quickly occurred.

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Detective Club

By Oleksandr Nevskiy, illustrations by M81 Studio – edited by Igames
4 to 8 players, from 8 years old, 45 min game
Released in October 2018, € 26.90

With its simple rules and superb illustrations, Detective Club will put your investigative skills to the test. Presented in a pretty metal box, the game invites you to slip into the skin of a detective team, or on the contrary into that of a hideous conspiratorial man eager to erase the traces of his passage. A very beautiful game with its dreamlike illustrations à la Dixit, which allows a terribly efficient asymmetric mechanism, and endless debates.

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How much do you wear? (TTMC)

By Vincent Burger – edited by Les éditions de base
2 to 16 players, from 14 years old, 45-minute game
Released in October 2016, € 34.90

At last a game of general knowledge that asks real questions. In How much you put yourself (shortened to TTMC for close friends), the players decide to play alone or in teams, and try to display their culture on subjects as sharp as curlers, ninjas or musicals of the 2000s. Fortunately, everyone can choose their level of difficulty from 1 (zero) to 10 (expert) depending on the theme imposed. Each correct answer will then move you forward accordingly. Funny, surprising and sometimes instructive, TTMC succeeds in dusting off quiz games, while offering bad players a golden opportunity to challenge the random – and therefore not always fair – choice of themes drawn.

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Fiesta de los muertos

By Antonin Boccara, illustrations by Margo Renard, Michel Verdu – edited by OldChap Editions
4 to 8 players, ages 12 and up, 30-minute games
Released in 2019, € 22.50

Death is funny, macabre humor even more so. On the same system as the good old Arabic phone, Fiesta de los muertos is a cooperative game that invites you to make others guess a cult character – real or fictitious – who has died. The opportunity to complain because the game spars the death of Han Solo in Star wars vii, to wonder if Giscard is still alive (spoiler no), and to take offense at the bad faith of your neighbor on the right, who manages to make the connection between Jacques Chirac and a fruit salad. Funny and never too mean, Fiesta de los muertos is a nice evening game, which benefits from a neat material and a nice artistic direction.

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Time Bomb Evolution

By Yusuke Sato, illustrations by Biboun – edited by Iello
4 to 6 players, ages 8 and up, 30-minute game
Released on February 14, 2020, € 14

If you liked Time bomb, you will undoubtedly like its version 2.0 Time Bomb Evolution. Still divided into two teams, the players must prevent or precipitate the explosion of a bomb placed at the top of Big Ben, but also (this is new), of several other London buildings. With more cables to cut, and new dramatic effects in case of failure, this revised and corrected version stands out as a new stand-alone complementary to the original game, which will appeal to novices as well as seasoned players. We love the side Werewolf with hidden roles, strategies to convince potential allies to cut, and Biboun’s colorful, steampunk designs.

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