5 books to absolutely discover this summer!

Are you on your way to the holidays and haven’t found your summer romance yet? Do not panic ! Here are 5 novels to discover on the beach or by the pool.

Every year, in the midst of good resolutions, we promise ourselves that we will take advantage of the next 365 days to read more. Novels, essays or biographies to escape from the whirlwind of everyday life. But as summer approaches, we have to admit that we finally had little time to indulge in this practice. Fortunately, summer is the ideal time to do so, but you still have to know which novels to turn to. We had the opportunity to discover some little nuggets, here are 5 novels to discover.

Thieves of curiosities – Jess Kidd

Published on February 11, 2021 by Presses de la Cité

detective and fantastic
Credits: Elizabeth lies

What if you embarked on a direct trip to the depths of London. In 1863, Bridie Devine is a detective specializing in the most unusual cases. When a baronet’s daughter is captured, the young woman is hired to find her. Except that this child is nothing ordinary, she is endowed with strange talents that frighten those around her and attract the covetousness of collectors of curiosities. Bridie will not be alone on this investigation since she is helped by the tattooed ghost of a melancholic boxer. She will follow in the footsteps left by the kidnappers while plunging back into a past that she would have preferred to forget.

Combining investigation and fantasy, Thieves of Curiosities is a marvel of writing. The pen of Jess Kidd, Irish novelist translated for the first time in France, meticulously explores the dark and filthy alleys of the British city. A very contemporary approach to the genre that manages to grab us from start to finish. If you like Sherlock Holmes and fantastic stories, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

The young woman and the ogre –John Connolly

Published on February 3, 2022 by Presses de la Cité

young woman and the ogre
Credits: Elizabeth lies

If you like Fantasy-tinged thrillers, The Young Woman and the Ogre is for you. John Connolly is also a past master in the genre. Born in Dublin, the novelist and creator of the famous detective Charlie Parker has imposed his black universe on the shelves of booksellers around the world. His eighteenth book published by the Presses de la Cité does not contradict the many praises addressed to him.

With an almost surgical approach, the novelist unravels the links of a decidedly well-crafted plot. In the coldness of Maine with the dark alleys of Portland, he intensely explores the contemporary United States. An almost political approach to crime with a narrative populated by dense and nuanced characters. A woman’s body was found buried in the woods of Maine; the autopsy reveals that she died giving birth to her child. Did he survive and, if so, where is he?

Charlie Parker is assigned by lawyer Moxie Castin to elucidate this mystery. But he is not the only one interested in this case. Two sinister Englishmen, as cruel as they are ruthless, try to trace the trail of the deceased, leaving a number of corpses in their wake. What if their target isn’t the child, but a storybook with evil power stolen by its mother?

A little guide to crime for ladies –Manda Collins

Released November 3, 2021 by J’ai Lu

novels summer selection
Credits: Elizabeth Lies

When The Bridgerton Chronicle meet Sherlock Holmes, it gives A Ladies’ Guide to Crime by Manda Collins. Between romance and the detective, the novel is a jumble of inspiration carried by colorful protagonists. If it obviously falls into the category of women’s literature, A Ladies’ Guide to Crime isn’t just for fans of the genre. We regret, however, that in the conclusion, the story multiplies shortcuts and approximations. The ending still had its surprise effect.

Can a woman be a journalist in 1865? Certainly not for right-thinking people who believe that a lady should not be exposed to vulgarity or vice. Katherine Bascomb has nothing to do with gossip and takes over the management of the London Gazette. To hell with gossip! The young Lady is a strong head. Moreover, his meeting with Inspector Eversham of the Metropolitan Police is rather stormy. Katherine will nevertheless quickly establish herself as a precious ally in the criminal investigation he is leading. And this honest man with austere charm does not take long to awaken in her a passion that no convention can curb…

The Luminous –Lauren Beukes

Published on May 7, 2013 by Les Presses de la Cité

The luminous select novels
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

A man who sees women haloed in lights, and a murderous crusade through the 20th century. When fugitive Harper Curtis suddenly experiences uncontrollable visions, he decides to travel through time and space to hunt down and kill the women who obsess him. But one of his victims survives, and decides to pursue him.

Beneath its air of a 1930s noir novel, Les Lumineuses is not a police investigation like the others, and likes to distil fantasy to advance its plot. A very high-flying plot, which will have caught us until the final outcome which we did not expect. The novel released in 2013 is already cult, and it even got an adaptation on Apple TV+. The opportunity to discover the fantastic work of Lauren Beukes, already at work on Shining Girls, Zoo Cityand on certain chapters of fairest, the princely spin-off of Fables.

Discover The Luminous by Lauren Beukes

Matriarchy –Flora Cherry

Published on 13 January 2022 by La Musardine

select romance matriarchy
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

In this feminist and sexual dystopia, men have surrendered their civil rights to women. After millennia of male domination, power is now in the hands of women. But the Matriarchy also has its limits. As the next presidential elections are fast approaching, social divisions are widening, and the counter-power is already preparing the weapons of a new war of the sexes.

Whether Matriarchy is not to put in all hands (some passages are more than explicit, we will have warned you), this dystopian science fiction novel is a very nice discovery, which can be read at the beach or by the pool. Perfect for questioning the patriarchy without leaving your lounge chair.

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