5 books to read after JK Rowling's saga

5 books to read after JK Rowling’s saga

If you loved Harry Potter and are looking for some fantastic new novels to add to your library, then this folder is for you. Here is our selection of books to devour after the saga of JK Rowling, a selection for young and old.

JK Rowling has just unveiled his new novel, intended for children over 8 years old and which transports us to the world of the end of the year celebrations. A beautiful work certainly, but which will undoubtedly not succeed in replacing the adventures of Harry Potter in the hearts of fans of fantasy. Here is our selection of novels to read after the author’s saga. We sit quietly under his sheets like Harry Potter in the second film and Lumos!

The Alchemist: the secrets of the immortal Nicolas Flamel – Michael Scott

From the cover, Michael Scott’s book promises to follow in the footsteps of JK Rowling’s novels. If the name of Nicolas Flamel is not unknown to you, it is because you have revised your classics well. In addition to being a mysterious character in the story, he is also at the heart of the plot of the first Tome des aventures d ‘Harry potter. Here, the author reappropriates the legend and transports us to contemporary America. In San Francisco, the Newman twins work in the shops of a strange couple. Nick and Perry Fleming are the proud owners of a bookstore and a café, but their lives are turned upside down when demons burst in. Josh and Sophie then find themselves embarked on a magical adventure with him who turns out to be Nicolas Flamel, the immortal wizard. An ancient manuscript has been stolen and Mankind is in danger. Only Josh and Sophie can save her. Available at Pocket Jeunesse, this 400-page novel will be a good introduction to Fantastic for younger readers, but will also delight the most seasoned in search of adventure. It is the first in a series of six novels, published between 2007 and 2012.

The Mirrored Pass: the fiancés of winter – Christelle Dabos

Cocorico, this series of novels is French. Under her scarf and glasses, Ophélie hides a fantastic secret. The young woman can read the past and walk through the mirrors. She lives peacefully on the Anima Ark when she is promised to Thorn, of the mighty Dragon Clan. Accompanied by her aunt, the young woman will discover a strange world where rivalries are great. This first volume of a series of 4, is a wonderful dive into the world imagined by Christelle Dabos. Winter fiancés won the competition for the first children’s novel organized by Gallimard Jeunesse and Télérama in 2012. This novel can be read from the age of 12 and may also appeal to adults. 608 pages of pure pleasure!

The Terror: The Apprentice Terror – Joseph Henry Delaney

Thomas Ward is the seventh son, of a seventh son and becomes the Apprentice of the County Horror. Thomas must learn to keep specters at bay, to master wizards and goblins. In his mission, he will free Mother Malkin, an evil witch, and embark on a story mixing horror and fantasy. From the age of 9, it is possible to discover the world imagined by Joseph Delaney. The Apprentice Terror is the first in a series of 13 novels, so there will be plenty to do. Published in 2005, the novel is a great entry into this fantastic universe which will delight young and old. The English author, Joseph Henry Delaney, also embarked on the writing of another series derived from the universe, with three novels The Starblade Chronicles.

Eragon – Christopher Paolini

Children of the 2000s are familiar with this series of novels. In 2003, Eragon made a sensational entry into the youth departments. As he hunts, a 15-year-old farmer discovers a mysterious blue stone in a clearing. This stone is in fact an egg which contains a blue wrist strap. He then becomes the first representative of the legendary dragon trees, who died more than 100 years ago. He will secretly rear his strap, Saphira, for fear of being discovered by King Galbatorix. He will have to face the king’s henchmen with his strap. Christopher Paolini was inspired by The Lord of the Rings to write his series of novels. This literary saga will inspire a feature film, which if it is not really worth a look, will have allowed several fans of the fantastic to discover novels.

Guardians of the Lost Cities – Shannon Messenger

Sophie is different from the others and she has known it for a long time. With a photographic memory, she can also listen to the thoughts of others. While on a school trip to a museum, she meets a strange boy. He then teaches her that she is an elf and that she must enter the prestigious Foxfire Academy. One question obsesses her all the same, why has she been torn from her world? Worthy heir to JK Rowling, Shannon Messenger leads her story brilliantly and plunges us into the heart of this young girl’s adventures. For young readers, it is a real dive into the fantastic that will introduce them to the genre.

For the more insatiable, it will also be possible to start reading some classics of the genre such as The Crossroads of the Worlds Where Narnia. The two literary sagas have been adapted for the cinema, and even if the result was not always there, the books themselves never disappointed us. We can also discover the adventures of Percy Jackson. In the meantime, you can also see or re-watch episode 6 of the adventures of Harry Potter on TF1. The Half-Blood Prince airs tonight at 9:05 pm To your drumsticks!

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