5 comics to read after watching the Netflix series

Did you like the Sandman series on Netflix? U.S. too. After rereading the monumental work of Neil Gaiman, we wanted to take advantage of the summer to expand our comics culture. If Allan Heinberg’s series made you dream, we also recommend five graphic readings to keep dreaming a little longer.

Sandman: Death

Screenplay by Neil Gaiman, collective drawing — 368 pages
Published on December 3, 2021 by Urban Comics editions — €35

Sandman Death
© Amandine Jonniaux/JDG

After having read the imposing graphic novels devoted to Dream, Neil Gaiman did it again by publishing a spin-off around Death (Mort en VO), his big sister. Briefly seen in the Netflix series, comics are an opportunity to discover the character a little more in depth. The only ally of Morpheus also has a busy life, and is the perfect entry point to immerse yourself in the world of the sandman.

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Screenplay by Bill Willingham, drawing by Mark Buckingham — 432 pages
Published on January 19, 2018 by Urban Comics editions — 30€

comic book fables
© Urban Comics

Another monument of the ninth art, Fables tells the story of fairy tale characters, driven from their kingdom after a bloody war led by the Adversary, and forced to take refuge in the human world. Much darker and more adult than its serial adaptation Once Upon a Time, Fables is a staple of pop culture, which stands out as much for its characters as for the treatment they receive. An adventure between two worlds which is reminiscent of that of Dream in the saga Sandman.

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American Gods

Screenplay by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russel, drawing by Scott Hampton — 272 pages
Published on October 26, 2018 by Urban Comics editions — 24€

American Gods Comics
© Urban Comics

Imagined by Neil Gaiman, American Gods is the worthy spiritual continuation of Sandman, and it shows. We follow the adventures of Shadow Moon, a human embarked despite himself in a bloody war between the old and the new gods. Facing Odin, Anubis or Loki, the modern deities World, Technical and Media deliver a scathing critique of American society. Adapted as a comic strip and then as a series on Amazon Prime Video, Neil Gaiman’s novel is a visual and narrative slap which we never got tired of.

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Garth Ennis presents Hellblazer

Screenplay by Garth Ennis, drawing by William Simpson — 416 pages
Published on February 27, 2015 by Urban Comics editions — 30€

hellblazer comics
© Urban Comics

Behind the character played by Jenna Coleman in the Netflix series, Constantine is actually a DC Comics anti-hero imagined by Allan Moore in 1985. Cynical, unpleasant and endowed with an unfailing repartee, the demon hunter has no equal to lead his world with the wand. After creating the Justice League Dark alongside Batman, John Constantine must now fight his most powerful enemy: cancer. In a brilliant and intimate interpretation, Garth Ennis resurrects the myth with all the talent that we know of him. A good way to learn a little more about Morpheus’ makeshift companion.

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Batman Arkham Asylum

Screenplay by Grant Morrison, drawing by Dave McKean — 208 pages
Published on June 12, 2012 by Urban Comics editions — 21€

batman arkham asylum comics
© Urban Comics

Grand and disturbing, Arkham Asylum is one of the masterpieces that we do not forget. With the patients of Gotham Asylum escaping, Batman still has to take matters into his own hands. But this time, the enemies of the bat seem determined to make him live their daily hell. Parachuted among the mad, the superhero will gradually also plunge into delirium. A memorable one shot signed by the master Grant Morrison, and superbly brought to life by Dave McKean.

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