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5 CRAZY offers that disappear this Tuesday evening 🔥

Discover our selection with the best offers before Black Friday on Amazon and Singles Day on AliExpress. Be careful, several of them are already ending tonight.

The month of November is often associated with Black Friday: Amazon does not wait until the last day to unveil its offers. The same goes for its competitors Cdiscount, Fnac or AliExpress. The latter also puts everything on an upstream event: the Single Day. Tonight, there are already a multitude of great deals coming to an end, we have prepared a small selection for you.

For Singles Day (November 11), below are the offers that will be available. You must “add to cart” before that date and validate your order on November 11 at 9:00 am sharp. The associated codes assure you a strong discount in addition. The final prices will be posted at 9:00 a.m.

  • Roborock S7 at 409 € instead of 549 € (11AE60)
  • Roborock S5 Max at 304 € instead of 560 € (11AE45)
  • Roborock Dyad at 349 € instead of 449 €
  • Dreame T30 at 280 € instead of 459 € (11AE45)
  • Mi Pad 5 at € 299 instead of € 499 (FRBON50)
  • AirPods 2 at 99 € instead of 179 € (FRBON30)
  • AirPods Pro at 160 € instead of 279 € (FRAPPLE40)
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro at 239 € instead of 299 € (11AE30)
  • Realme GT Master Edition at 244 € instead of 399 € (FRRE45)
  • Poco X3 Pro at 169 € instead of 299 € (11AE30)
  • OnePlus Nord 2 at € 314 instead of € 399 (11AE45)
  • OnePlus 8T 256 GB at 369 € instead of 699 € (11AE60)
  • OnePlus 9 256 GB at 389 € instead of 819 € (11AE60)
  • Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro at 128 € instead of 299 € (FRBON30)
  • Xiaomi 3H air purifier at 91 € instead of 149 € (FRMI40)
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    Over time, Black Friday gains in intensity to the detriment of sales or even French Days. E-merchants always attach more importance to this operation which takes place a few weeks before Christmas. Now is the perfect time to shop at great prices to reduce your budget for the end of the year. The volumes are gigantic.

    Online merchants have evolved their offerings over time to offer discounts throughout the month of November. This allows everyone to make the best use of Black Friday on Amazon and others, without pressure. The Single Day which takes place from November 11 (and 48 hours) will also be a great highlight. AliExpress managed to make it get bigger than Black Friday.

    If we have to compare the proportions, Single Day on AliExpress is about 7 times bigger than Black Friday on Amazon. In France, this is the third year that the global giant Alibaba has organized the Single Day. This time, he intends to overshadow Black Friday with offers we have never seen before. To help people get organized, AliExpress transparently displays the offers that will take place on that day.

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    Black Friday hides another

    Black Friday is always held the day after Thanksgiving – which itself takes place on the last Thursday of this November. In other words, Black Friday is always held on the last Friday of that same month. Over time, merchants have extended this period to lower their dependency to 24 hours. So they officially created Black Week.

    Last year, Amazon started its Black Friday at the end of October already. Faced with the health crisis and confinement, he was forced to backtrack. For those who want to prepare their Christmas shopping, the first real day will be the Single Day. Less known in France (for the moment), it is the biggest event in the world.

    AliExpress now has a solid foothold in France. This year, Single Day will take on a whole new dimension. He wants to register as an alternative to Black Friday with even more attractive offers. All brands will go there, from Apple to Xiaomi via Roborock. High-tech and household appliances will inevitably always be very popular on the net.

    If AliExpress is focusing all its efforts on Single Day, other e-merchants are rather eyeing Black Friday. Since the beginning of the month, Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac are already offering attractive flash sales on very fashionable products. For example, we have seen certain models of Dyson vacuum cleaners (including the V7 Motorhead), MacBooks or even iPhone 13s being reduced for a few hours.

    To see Black Friday on Amazon, it’s here:

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    What is Singles Day?

    While waiting for Black Friday at Amazon and others, why not take advantage of Single Day? AliExpress is meeting its customers on November 11 from 9:00 am sharp for thousands of good opportunities. It is at the level of Black Friday, even if it is not yet so well known in France. In Asia, this operation is much more important than Black Friday.

    During those 24 hours, you have tons of deals that are available. For ease of reading, AliExpress announces in advance all the discounts that will take place. We therefore already know all the prices that will be applied at that time. We have cited several in the list at the top. You should always keep in mind that AliExpress allows you to accumulate discounts, codes and coupons, which makes your bill drop. You have to put the products in your basket now to be sure to be able to secure the lowest price on November 11 (you just have to validate the basket and pay for your purchase).

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    If for Black Friday, Amazon does not offer any code, AliExpress does the opposite. You have to take advantage of these many codes to make 10 to 20% more savings on all your purchases. We have listed the main codes below. Once again, these codes are in addition to the discounts that are already displayed for the Single Day. You will have to add these codes on November 11 at 9:00 am and then validate your order at that time.

    • 11AE08: € 8 reduction from € 50 purchase
    • 11AE11: € 11 reduction from € 70 purchase
    • 11AE15: € 15 reduction from € 110 purchase
    • 11AE22: € 22 reduction from € 150 purchase
    • 11AE30: 30 € reduction from 199 € of purchase
    • 11AE45: 45 € reduction from 299 € of purchase
    • 11AE60: € 60 reduction from € 399 purchase

    Buying on the internet, a guarantee of simplicity

    Whether for Black Friday or other, Amazon still offers so much simplicity when shopping on the internet. The US merchant allows you to have free delivery within 24 hours if you are a “Prime” customer. For non-members, delivery will take a maximum of 2 to 3 days, and it is free.

    Then you also have 30 days to change your mind about your purchase: returns are fast and free and Amazon will reimburse upon receipt. On AliExpress, it’s the same principle but the withdrawal period is 20 days. At Cdiscount and Fnac, this period is only 14 days. To take advantage of it, go to all merchant sites now to take advantage of Black Friday.

    To do Black Friday on Amazon, it’s here:

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