5 efficient and inexpensive gaming headsets, under € 80

Here is our selection of some of the best gaming headsets at low prices, to combine efficiency and value for money.

While the video game industry has enjoyed unprecedented popularity since the start of the pandemic, the gaming accessories market is increasing its offerings, and headsets are no exception to this rule. In a market already full of low-cost audio solutions, we offer a short selection of gaming headsets for less than € 80 that will find their audience.

They stand out in our opinion as low-cost alternatives to accessories that can sometimes go up to hundreds of euros spent. Whether you are a beginner, casual gamer, don’t have a huge budget, or even looking for a Christmas present for a loved one, you will surely find your happiness in one of these models.

All these low-cost alternatives are wired and multiplatform, for a good wireless gaming headset you will have to count at least 100 €.

The go-anywhere headset: Xbox wired headset

Available for € 59.99.

Wired version of the new generation Xbox headset, this mini-priced gaming headset offers a very satisfactory performance thanks to Dolby Atmos compatibility, memory foam padding and its wired connection compatible with all 3.5 mm jack ports.

We particularly like it for its sober design and ease of use. The little control it offers allows it to be used by anyone very simply, and on all media. It will be your perfect ally during teleworking or gaming sessions, even long periods. Discover our Xbox wired headset test.

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An efficient gaming headset: Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen 2

Available for € 59.99.

The Turtle Beach Recon Gen 2 headset sports the faithful design of the brand’s gaming headsets but in a more concise version. Its greatest quality is its lightness and its “expertise at a low price” aspect.

Indeed, what we particularly like about this helmet is its efficiency at all levels. It offers powerful sound, significant comfort and controls for casual and experienced gamers. For this price bracket, it is an excellent compromise in terms of value for money. Check out our review of the Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen 2.

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For FPS enthusiasts: Turtle Beach Recon 500

Available for € 79.99.

This is the most expensive helmet of our selection, at the limit of 80 €. For good reason, it has better sound quality than its cousin mentioned just before, and also more comfort. With its 360 g on the scale, the Recon 500 offers excellent support over time, compromising on lightness. It also offers a detachable and malleable microphone, which is not to be overlooked.

This Turtle Beach headset is especially aimed at FPS enthusiasts since it has excellent sound spatialization for its price. The sound provided is clear and precise and its dual speakers make it possible to recognize different levels of sound, between footsteps, music, or even shooting noises. Discover our review of the Turtle Beach Recon 500.

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Most comfortable: Razer Kraken X

Available for € 59.99.

An inseparable brand of gaming accessories, Razer offers us with the Kraken X a lite version of its original Kraken range. However, it has everything one could look for in a gaming headset, starting with a strong look and the brand’s famous green logo. It even has a microphone that uses a cardioid model, for better sound capture.

The Razer Kraken X is one of the lightest headsets in this selection, weighing 250g on the scale. Paired with chunky memory foam pads, this makes it the master of comfort. You won’t feel it on your head, even after long hours of playing. Plus, it features 7.1 surround sound technology, perfect for flawless immersion.

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For fans of the boom pickup: Steelseries Arctis 1

Available for € 59.99.

Another essential brand in the field of gaming, Steelseries offers us with this headset all the performance expected of a good entry-level gaming headset. It adapts to all platforms thanks to its wired connection, has large headphones with padded ear cushions and headband, and even features the multi-award-winning “iconic sound environment” of the Arctic range.

We love it for its design really intended for gamers, and for its iconic boom microphone. This one is also detachable and features ClearCast noise canceling technology. This allows it to reduce residual noise, and obtain Discord certified sound. Perfect for online multiplayer games!

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