5 essential things to know about the loyalty program

Sony reveals everything you need to know about its PlayStation Stars loyalty program, available in France in a few days!

Several weeks ago, Sony unveiled a preview of PlayStation Stars. This is quite simply a loyalty program that aims to earn you rewards by completing challenges or spending your money on the PlayStation Store. Today, we learn a lot more about this rather advantageous service for players. Here are the 5 things to remember about PlayStation Stars.

How do I participate in PlayStation Stars?

The first thing to know is that this new service is completely free and it is not necessary to meet certain conditions to access it. All players are potentially affected, as long as they play on PS4 and/or PS5. When the program is launched, if you want to join, you will have to go either to the playstation.com site or to the PlayStation App mobile application available on iOS and Android. It will soon join the interface of your console. This reminds us that registration is not automatic, although it is open to everyone.

Once this is done, you will need to complete some simple missions to climb the ranks. As an example, the firm explains to us that with PlayStation Stars “you earn rewards by completing a variety of campaigns and activities. With the “Monthly Login” campaign, all you have to do is play a game to get a reward. Other campaigns will require earning specific trophies, or being one of the first players to achieve the platinum trophy for a hit in your country/region.” Missions will be updated regularly, so don’t worry about missing some campaigns.

What are the in-game rewards?

Sony explains to us that the rewards are divided into two categories: points to be used in the PlayStation Store, and digital collectibles. The former allow you to fund your digital wallet in order to obtain discounts on your purchases through the PlayStation Store. The latter are digital representations of figurines or peripherals that have marked the history of PlayStation. Those who have already played Astro’s Playroom can already imagine what it might look like.

Sony also specifies that as soon as the program is launched “all members will receive the Stargazer Telescope item. The first digital collectibles to be obtained will include Punto the gondolier from Ape Escape 2, the PocketStation, Toro and Kuro, and many more.” Here are a few mouth-watering examples.

Digital objects are not NFTs

Contrary to what one might think, Sony is not riding the wave of Web3, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Digital collectibles are not part of these famous tokens that we have seen proliferating excessively for many months. Since they are not registered on the blockchain, the firm indicates that they cannot be resold or exchanged. They have no market value and simply have rarity levels, without affecting your wallet.

They are therefore only useful for you to be collected, and stored in a showcase that is also digital, available on the PlayStation mobile application.

PlayStation Plus subscribers have the advantage

If the program is open to all, loyal PlayStation Plus subscribers will be entitled to an additional benefit. Sony specifies that with each purchase made on the PlayStation Store, players earn additional points to be used in their next transactions. This also applies to the renewal of your subscription. Be careful though, supplying your digital wallet is not compatible with this rule and will therefore not earn you any points.

An imminent release date

Finally, and this is the most important information, Sony reveals that PlayStation Stars will be available in France in just a few days. If the service is already available in Asia, we will have the joy of discovering it from from October 13 in our green lands.

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