5 indie games that are likely to make us crack

Here are 5 indie video game releases not to be missed in the coming months, some of which are already available on PC.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been no shortage of video game releases. We were treated to something heavy with the release of several AAAs, including Horizon Forbidden West or Elden Ring. But it’s only March, and there are still plenty more video games to come. Rather than dwelling on the games that everyone knows, here are 5 potential indie nuggets we can’t wait to discover.

A Place for the Unwilling – March 22, 2022

For this one, we won’t have to wait very long. A Place for the Unwilling is an adventure game in which the end of the world is near. The city only has 21 days left and it’s up to you to save it. To do this, you will have to explore, solve puzzles and make tough choices. But what attracts us the most with this title is also its “hand-drawn” atmosphere and its Lovecraftian graphics. Already available on PC since 2019, it will be playable on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Aliisha: Oblivion of the Twin Goddesses – April 1, 2022

This is a great novelty. In Aliisha, you play as a duo of twin sisters, as different as they can be. One is very emotional but does not feel physical pain, and the other is guided only by her reason, completely forgetting her sense of empathy. They will have to explore and understand what is going on in a very old temple hidden in the middle of the forest. Coming April 1 to Nintendo Switch.

Trek To Yomi (Spring 2022)

With its extraordinary visual style, Trek to Yomi promises to transport you right into the heart of an action movie. In this title, you play as a samurai, alone since his master was killed, and who must protect his village at all costs. It is therefore a fighting game with a strong narrative that we can’t wait to discover on PC, PlayStation and Xbox by spring 2022.

Immortality (summer 2022)

Unveiled at E3 2021, immortality is truly a game apart. It’s more like an interactive movie, as you control the actions of very real characters. The title relates to the story of an actress who disappeared, and all of whose films have been erased. The promise of a breathtaking thriller that you can discover on PC and Xbox.

Voidtrain (2022)

Finally, the last game that catches our eye is a puzzle game playable in co-op in which you have to assemble trains in a fantasy universe. You must also face obstacles of all kinds to achieve your goals. An adventure game that we can find in the year on Xbox, but already available on PC in early access.

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