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5 Mega Drive games arrive

The catalog of Mega Drive games is enhanced with 5 iconic titles, available as of today via the Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Available since November 5, the additional pack for Nintendo Switch Online gives you access to a new library of games… New? Not really. Subscribers can feel the joystick on N64 and Mega Drive games emulated for the latest generation Nintendo console. Not long ago, the studio added the title Paper Mario on December 10, and announced the arrival of Banjo-Kazooie for January 10 on the side of the N64 games.

On the side of Mega Drive games, on the other hand, Nintendo had not provided more information on the next arrivals to the catalog and it is with surprise that we therefore discover that 5 titles have been added. They are already available to all subscribers to the additional pack. Here is the full list of Mega Drive additions:

  • Altered Beast
  • ToeJam & Earl
  • Dynamite Headdy
  • Sword of Vermillion
  • Thunder force 2

If any of these titles, or even all of them, reminds you of anything, then it’s time to turn on your Switch to rekindle some memories. Hoping that the quality of the emulation is in better shape than at the exit of the service, which had not satisfied the fans from the outset.

These additions bring the total number of Mega Drive games available to 19, for 10 N64 games. A good start, which only asks to be fleshed out over time.

How to enjoy these games?

Nintendo has yet to set a clear release schedule yet, so it’s unclear when more games will be added. We don’t have any information about upcoming games either, although we already know a few titles for the N64. Indeed, we know that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Pokémon Snap, Mario Golf and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards will be at some point in the game.

As a reminder, the subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online additional pack is available at the price of € 39.99 per year for an individual account, and € 69.99 per year for a family account. Only annual plans are available for the moment and Nintendo has not communicated anything on future monthly or quarterly plans.

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