5 new images would have leaked

This is the big release of this end of the year for Microsoft: Starfield, the new RPG from Bethesda, is at the heart of all Xbox Series X|S gamers expectations. In need of big exclusives, the Microsoft console relies heavily on this triple-A project from the developers of Fallout 4 and The Elders Scrolls. Little concrete information has leaked out about the game, and even less screenshots and gameplay videos… Enough to arouse some impatience with many fans.

The leak of the day, reported by the discussion site Reddit, could nevertheless prove interesting for them. 5 new images would have leaked on the r/StarfieldAlliance subreddit, giving a potential preview of the game to come.

Leaked Starfield screenshots?

Far from the issues of a post-apocalyptic America or a fantasy environment, Starfield sets sail for space for a science-fiction adventure very inspired by NASA explorations. It is this universe that we find in these screenshots, supposedly taken from a version of the game dating from 2018. If indeed these are real screenshots of Starfield, it It’s highly likely that the retail version of the game will be drastically different from this preview.

It is nevertheless interesting to observe the user interface, present on two of these screenshots. We can see a bar of life and endurance, nothing too crazy for the rest, but also a gun icon. Another indicator, this time in the lower left part of the screen, allows you to see different indicators, including that of CO2. It would then be necessary to monitor your oxygen level during explorations on an unknown planet, if we are to believe this new leak… A mechanism which could prove to be particularly important in the gameplay of the game, perhaps more than ever turned to survival in hostile terrain.

Announced in 2018, Starfield marks a turning point in the history of Bethesda: it is the first original license for the studio in twenty years. The release of Starfield is scheduled for November 11, exclusively on Xbox Series X consoles | and pc.

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