5 new Mega Drive games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online

If the Nintendo 64 catalog from Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack has recently seen an increase in new titles, some worried about the lack of news for that of the Mega drive. The SEGA console had not received any new games since the launch of the new third-party subscription last October… Until today. Nintendo has announced the arrival of 5 new games, available today for all service subscribers.

Altered Beast, Dynamite Headdy, Sword of Vermilion, Thunder force ii, and ToeJam & Earl are added to the growing catalog of the SEGA console on the online service.

The beast that lies dormant in me

This December selection has no shortage of classics. Altered Beast is certainly one of the most famous titles of the console: this port transcribes very well the mythological universe and the very demanding gameplay of the original arcade game. Another must-have of the console: Dynamite Headdy will delight lovers of platform games. This production Treasure (Ikaruga, Alien Soldier) benefits from a particularly original artistic direction, regularly breaking the fourth wall and pushing the console to its limits. It will nevertheless be necessary to have strong backs to cover its different levels with progressive difficulty.

That we do not trust the terribly generic cover of Sword of Vermilion. This action-RPG produced by Yu Suzuki himself (Shenmue, Virtua Racing) is full of original ideas of all kinds, especially with the different camera perspectives used in the different phases of the game.

Hover in both senses of the word

In a completely different genre, Thunder force ii pulls out (no pun intended) its pin of the game and still offers a shoot’em’up experience faithful to the quality standard of the franchise — even if, between us, we will always prefer its third episode … Finally, we would not know explain too much what it consists of ToeJam & Earl, even decades after its release. Halfway between adventure game and complete mess, this now cult title introduces for the first time the pair of unofficial mascots of the console, with a very typical 90s look.

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