5 novels that teens will love this summer!

The sunny days are finally here. At the beach, in the mountains or during a trip, here are the 5 novels to devour this summer whether you are teenagers or not.

Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the desire to immerse yourself in a good novel is more pressing. For parents, it is also an opportunity to encourage their teenagers to read books that are not on the French program and to escape through words. If some may be reluctant, the books in this selection are accessible and very addictive. Romance, fantasy, whodunnit and little mythology lessons, there’s something for everyone. Follow the leader.

The Dream Walker – Estelle Faye

Released October 13, 2021 by Rageot

The Dream Walker
Credits: Elizabeth Lies and Rageot

At first glance, it is undoubtedly the cover of this novel that seduced us. It must be said that placed on a shelf or on top of a pile of books, the book has its effect. Luckily for us, our crush doesn’t stop at the cover. Estelle Faye’s book is an invitation to dream, a dreamlike and deeply committed story.

This ecological fable is a real success. From its characters to its universe and its mythology, L’Arpenteuse de rêves has solid arguments to establish itself as your favorite this summer.

What if you could explore the dreams of everyone you meet? This is the gift of the mysterious Myri. After the death of her sister, the young woman nevertheless swore to stay away from dreams. But in the Kingdom of Claren, when you’re a resident of the lower town, you don’t easily escape your fate.

With its 352 pages, it is aimed at young and old readers. In our opinion, 13-year-olds can quite get started in reading it, they will undoubtedly take great pleasure in it. Adults will also find their account, if they are lovers of children’s novels.

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The Inheritance Games: Volume 1 – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Released February 3 by PKJ

The Inheritance Games
Credits: Elizabeth Lies

What would you do if an unknown billionaire offered you an astronomical sum when he died? This is exactly what happens to Avery Crambs, a penniless young girl who discovers overnight that she is the heiress of a man she has never crossed paths with. If this fortune falls flat, Avery sleeps in his car, which looks like a godsend could well cost him his life.

While she must move into the Hawthorne home for at least a year, Avery becomes a target for the businessman’s legitimate heirs. As she tries to solve the mystery surrounding this heritage, Avery will have to lend herself to a disturbing game of fools that could change her life forever…

Don’t be fooled by its difficult to pronounce title, The Inheritance Games is a book accessible to casual readers. Taking up all the codes of youth stories, the novel brings together all the necessary ingredients to make it addictive. Mystery, a little love and a lot of suspense, it will be difficult for you to put it down. That’s good, summer is the ideal season to swallow the chapters at high speed.

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Our helping hearts – Celia Samba

Published in April 2022 by Hachette Romans

Our helping hearts
Credits: Elizabeth Lies

After the box of The road that separates us, Celia Samba returns with a new teenage romance. The French author uses her pen to address oh so contemporary social themes, here she will explore the notion of family caregivers. Sensitive and moving, the novel was quickly noticed by fans of the genre.

Laurie and her brother live with their gravely ill mother who requires constant attention. Refusing to abandon her, they will both become family caregivers even if it means putting their own lives on hold. When a carer arrives to help them, their lives will change. Xander will try to help Laurie understand that she must live too.

Endearing characters, a tender love story and small tears here and there, Our Helping Hearts is a roller coaster of emotion for fans of the genre to devour.

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Skandar and the Flight of the Unicorn – AF Steadman

Published on May 4, 2022 by Hachette Romans

select roman skandar
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

20 years after the adventures of the little wizard, it was time to offer the world a new fantastic saga. It is now done with Skandar and the Flight of the Unicorn, published this year by Hachette editions. Author Annabel Steadman signs her very first publication here with the start of an epic saga with a record first print, in 46 languages ​​simultaneously.

As indicated by his name, Skandar and the Flight of the Unicorn talking about… unicorn. But not the ones you imagine in fairy tales. Ferocious, murderous and bloodthirsty, the creatures are dangerous and uncontrollable beings, unless bonded with a human from birth. An ordinary young boy, Skandar Smith dreams of becoming a trainer, but will realize in spite of himself that he is destined for a much greater destiny. Without escaping certain similarities with the world of JK Rowling Skandar signs a successful foray into the world of children’s literature. The pleasant surprise we weren’t expecting.

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I, Cerberus, guardian of the Underworld – Sylvie Baussier

Published on February 3, 2022 by Scrineo

select romance teens mythology
© Amandine Jonniaux / JDG

Because holidays can also rhyme with culturekids and young teens will love the collection Scrineo Mythology. From Cerberus to Charybdis, via Medusa, Polyphemus Ligia and the Minotaur, Sylvie Baussier revisits the founding Greek texts from the point of view of the great villains of history. Unloved figures, who sometimes do not lack much to become as endearing as the original heroes.

Perfect for children from 8 to 13 years old, I, Cerberus, guardian of the Underworld is the perfect excuse to consolidate your culture without going through the endless holiday notebooks. We particularly appreciate the small size / low price combo of these books, perfect for the holidays.

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