5 Screenless and connectionless storyteller for your child at Christmas

Computer, tablet, phone … In the digital age, more and more parents are looking to limit screens to children. Here are 5 alternatives for your child, without screen or connection, great gift ideas for Christmas!

Bookinou from 2 years old

Audio storyteller without screen, Bookinou allows children – book in hand – to “read” by listening at will to stories recorded by people around them. Specially designed to preserve the use of books in order to arouse the curiosity and imagination of children, Bookinou makes it possible to give children a taste for reading, thanks to audio reading and the handling of books.

Stories can be recorded by loved ones using the mobile application. Each story is then associated from the application to a sticker supplied with the Bookinou, which it suffices to stick on the chosen book. The child then passes the book (with the sticker) over Bookinou who rereads the story over the pages. The device has a headphone jack and an autonomy of 10 hours.

Note that Bookinou has the support of National Education (EDU-UP device) for use in nursery, CP, CE1 classes. It is available for € 69.95.

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La Toniebox from 3 years old

A true modern storyteller, the Toniebox allows the youngest to disconnect from the screens while joyfully stimulating their imagination.

With its cubic silhouette available in 6 colors and surmounted by two small ears, the Toniebox displays a unique look. Designed for children from 3 years old, the Toniebox is soft and soft, but also extremely resistant to face the most rowdy children. Thanks to its simple and intuitive controls, children can listen to their songs and stories on their own: just tap the sides to change the chapter, tilt it to go forward or backward and press the ears to change the volume . It also proves to be the ideal travel companion with its 7 hour battery life.

The Toniebox never separates itself from its Tonies, small figurines each with their own audio content: ancient tales, contemporary stories, music for falling asleep or for dancing, educational content… The Tonies tribe has no less than 27 references!

The starter kit including a Toniebox and its charger, a Creative Tonie, 60 minutes of audio content for € 79.99. The Toonie is then offered at € 14.90 (approximately 20 minutes of audio with several stories).

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Lunii: My Story Factory from 3 years old

We no longer present the Lunii story factory! Best-seller of these last Christmases, the story factory allows your child to choose the different elements that will make up his story: a hero, a companion, a place and an object. He thus creates his own story and can reinvent it again and again by changing the parameters.

Lightweight and compact, Lunii contains 48 stories (between 3 and 6 min) and hundreds more to download from the Luniistore! The outer casing is in ABS PC, there is an integrated speaker and a headphone jack to listen to hours of stories, with an autonomy of about 10 hours of listening. Note that it is now possible to record your own stories thanks to My Lunii Studio available in the free Lunii mobile application. Children and grandchildren will love listening to their favorite stories told through family voices.

The Lunii Story Factory is available for € 59.90.

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La Conteuse Merveilleuse from 2 years old

The first and only early learning storyteller for babies, CE certified from birth and made in France. Its 6 silicone awakening faces encourage the discovery of the senses and motor skills. Delivered with 66 audio contents (from 1 to 10 minutes, rechargeable), you can even record your own stories or put your own MP3! It’s even able to automatically spot children’s favorite stories.

Orient one side up and shake it 3 times (6 sides to shake, 6 universes to listen to), it tells a story, sings a nursery rhyme or takes you to a crazy alphabet book, which gives you a taste for words. It is a real companion, vector of awakening and appeasement for toddlers. Scalable, customizable and durable, its content follows the development of the child. Its long-lasting battery allows it to have an autonomy of up to 23 hours.

La Conteuse Merveilleuse is available for € 79.99.

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Mon Petit Morphée from 3 years old

Mon Petit Morphée is a meditation box containing meditative trips designed for children. It is intended to accompany your child at bedtime and to find calm during the day. Mon Petit Morphée continent 192 sessions including 128 meditative trips (carried out by experts in relaxation and sleep for children), 16 soft music, 32 meditations and 16 sounds of nature.

My Little Morpheus works very simply with the left key which allows you to choose the animal with which the child wishes to go on a trip. He can also choose to do meditation sessions, listen to relaxing music or sounds of nature. With the right key he chooses in which universe he wishes to travel (island, desert, forest.). He can then plug in his headphones or listen from the built-in speaker. The side key allows you to choose the duration of the session (from 10 to 24 minutes) and start the trip. Its autonomy is more than 3 hours, or nearly 15 stories.

Mon Petit Morphée is available for € 79.95.

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