5 stories to discover the Dark Knight differently

Today is Batman Day. The opportunity to honor the superheroic alias of Bruce Wayne, through unexpected stories featuring the Dark Knight and his acolytes.

When we talk about Batman, it’s usually to evoke the batman’s fight against evil, and more particularly his arch-nemesis, the Joker. But in 83 years of existence, the superhero has also had the opportunity to get out of his daily grind in Gotham to see the country. On the occasion of Batman Day which takes place today, we invite you to discover a non-exhaustive selection of the most original adventures of Bruce Wayne. The perfect opportunity to (re)discover the Dark Knight in a new light.

Batman & the Ninja Turtles (T01)

Screenplay by James Tynion IV, illustrations by Freddie E Williams II and Jeremy Colwell – 168 pages
Published on February 14, 2017 by Urban Comics, €10

Batman & the Ninja Turtles
Credits Urban Comics/DC Comics

Discover Batman & the Ninja Turtles

While investigating a mysterious Ninja organization terrorizing Gotham, Batman meets Ninja Turtles Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo. Coming from a parallel dimension, the four knights of scales are also ready to do battle with evil. A unlikely alliance of two pop culture icons, where Raphael’s questionable jokes quite often clash with the seriousness of the Dark Knight. A complete two-volume series, Batman’s encounter with the Ninja Turtles has given rise to several other glossy adventures, which without revolutionizing the genre, offer us a refreshing dive into the sewers of Gotham.

Batman: Little Gotham

Screenplay by Derek Fridolfs, illustrations by Dustin Nguyen – 310 pages
Published on December 4, 2015 by Urban Comics, €29

Little Gotham
Credits Urban Comics/DC Comics

Explore Batman Little Gotham

Far from the dark and heavy atmosphere of Gotham City, Little Gotham offers us a parenthesis of sweetness in the world of the Dark Knight, and the result is strangely poetic. With his luminous watercolor drawings, the genius of Dustin Nguyen (Descending, Justice League Beyond) is still doing wonders in the DC Comics universe. The opportunity to discover the daily life of Bruce Wayne and his acolytes in the midst of preparations for the Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter. More recently, the author did it again by publishing Tales of Gotham, a superb collection of short stories featuring DC Comics characters in the tales of our childhood. Two very beautiful books that will appeal to the youngest as well as adults

The Batman Who Laughs (T01)

Screenplay by Snyder Scott, illustrations by Jock – 240 pages
Published on November 15, 2019 by Urban Comics, €23

The Batman Who Laughs
Credits Urban Comics/DC Comics

Discover The Batman Who Laughs

The events of batman metal had left us with a visibly struggling Bruce Wayne. But the Dark Knight must still answer the call of the danger that threatens. against all odds, The Batman Who Laughs survived his confrontation with the Joker, and once again threatens the precarious balance of the Multiverse. Dark and pessimistic, The Batman Who Laughs plunges us into a new high-flying adventure signed by the genius of Snyder and Jock. The opportunity to push the physical and mental limits of Gotham’s vigilante a little further, and to question his promise never to kill.

Batman Fortnite – Zero Point

Screenplay by Christos Gage and Donald Mustard, illustrations by Reilly Brown – 144 pages
Published on September 3, 2021 by Urban Comics, €12

Batman Fortnite Point Zero
Credits Urban Comics/DC Comics

Discover Batman Fortnite

There are countless appearances of the Dark Knight in pop culture, and video games are obviously no exception to the rule. While Batman has already been entitled to a good number of video game adventures, the superhero offers himself this time a sensational arrival in the universe of Fortnite. Without revolutionizing the genre, or even establishing itself as an essential adventure, batman fortnite is a nice official adventure that should appeal above all to fans of the battle royale. With its short format and its drawings in the pure modern comics tradition signed Reilly Brown (already at the origin of Deadpool and Cable at Marvel), this new epic in the kingdom of Epic Games, which has just launched the eighth season of Fortnite also contains many ingame advantages. A single-use code in the comics will allow you to download the Harley Quinn Rebirth and Batman Zero outfits in armor, but also several gliders, weapons and accessories.

Scooby-Doo & Co (S01E13)

Screenplay by Micheal Ryan, directed by Chris Bailey – 21 min
Aired September 19, 2019 for the first time on Boomerang.com

Discover Scooby-Doo & cie in comics

Broadcast since June 27, 2019 on American television, the series Scooby-Doo & Company (Scooby-Doo and guess who? in English) was launched to celebrate 50 years of the cult franchise Scooby-Doo, where are you? imagined by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears in 1969. In each episode, Scooby, Sammy, Daphne, Vera and Fred investigate alongside a real or fictional personality. For the 13th episode, budding detectives make a short visit to Wayne Manor, and try to lift the veil on the disappearance of Alfred Pennyworth. In addition to being very funny, the animated series also comes with a collection of comics, the first volume of which (published by Urban Kids in 2018) is also centered on the adventures of the Dark Knight.

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