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Game phenomenon of this beginning of the year, in the same way as Pokemon Legends: Arceus all the kept proportions, vampire survivors is an addiction concentrate at a price so light that it can be considered the most affordable legal drug on the market. Here are some tips to make the best progress.

Usually, it is advisable to be wary of titles made popular by the web, because these fads do not always reflect a particularly strong intrinsic quality of the product. From afar, vampire survivors does not necessarily make you want to, with an aesthetic of a strategy game having been lost on Mega Drive. When in fact, up close, there is nothing to throw away.

Released on December 17 on Steam in early access, vampire survivors could well be a copy of the mobile title Magic Survival based on the same principle. Namely, a game based almost exclusively on dodging enemies and increasing its avatar’s abilities.

Vampire Survivors: garlic not to be overlooked

A few tips for coping with this game where, in theory, everything stops after the thirtieth minute. Death indeed comes to sound the end of the adventure here, and you are not supposed to be able to appeal this decision. But very often, it is very difficult to reach this outcome.

  1. Garlic and Runetracer, essential first allies : in vampire survivors, it is necessary to become strong without delay, and therefore to make victims as quickly as possible to recover their experience points. To do this, the Garlic (garlic, aura causing damage on contact) allows you to quickly get rid of the first enemies in the game, and thus access the first level ups. The Runetracer (bouncing lines) also offers cleaning, although its effectiveness is noticeable when the screen fills up.
  2. Don’t scatter : it is tempting to vary your equipment, but the growing difficulty of adversity will ultimately push you to focus on improving your first weapons. Especially that provided you have the right support object and reach level 8 of improvement, some then access a very satisfactory evolution.
  3. Don’t bet everything on luck : picking up the Clover certainly increases the chances of recovering bonuses on the ground, but its impact on the chests is not obvious. Thus, on a game with a chance improved to 80%, it is possible to have only chests with a single reward (against those containing three or five).
  4. The library for unlockables : once accessible, the library will quickly become the most pleasant play area. Quite simply because it is a closed area, allowing the Runetracer to bounce at will and wreak havoc. Why not take the opportunity to try to unlock new items for later games?
  5. The “Power Ups”, not essential : if they make it possible to start games with additional chances of reaching their conclusion, the “Power Ups” acquired with the money in the game are not essential data for winning everything. It is indeed possible to unlock the 43 Achievements, to date, of vampire survivors, with a “naked” character. Of course, it will probably take a little longer, but the satisfaction will only be greater.

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