5 Wii games we want to review on Nintendo Switch for the console’s 15th anniversary

Released at the end of November in the United States, the Wii is celebrating its 15th anniversary this week. The opportunity to come back to the games that have marked the cult console.

The Wii may not have always won unanimous support, it is now emerging as one of the most innovative consoles ever imagined by Nintendo. After years of lean cow for the Japanese manufacturer, the company returns to the front of the stage by seducing the public of non-gamers, often neglected by Sony. With its extraordinary controller that looks like a remote control, the Wii and its faithful Wiimote allow a slew of new interactions, made possible in particular thanks to the integrated gyroscope which will make the heyday of the console.

At a time when Nintendo is multiplying HD remakes and other nostalgic ports, we take stock of the Five Wii games we’d love to see back on Nintendo Switch. Note that our first choice was logically focused on the fabulous Super mario galaxy, but that the title was indeed entitled to its HD port last year in Super Mario 3D All Stars compilation, which also includes Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, respectively released in 1997 on N64, and in 2002 on GameCube. We do not, however, despair that Super mario galaxy 2 is entitled to it too.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Originally released on GameCube and Wii in 2006, the thirteenth opus of the saga The Legend of Zelda had already been entitled to its HD remake on Wii U in 2016. In view of the lack of success of the machine, we are now firmly awaiting the revival of Twilight Princess on Nintendo Switch. It must be said that in recent years, the Japanese manufacturer has not deprived itself when it comes to giving a facelift to its cult franchises. Recall that in recent years, have already given rise to the HD remakes of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. The return of the Twilight Princess is therefore not totally excluded.

Disney epic mickey

Wii exclusivity a little forgotten but quite incredible at the time, Disney epic mickey paid a vibrant tribute to the big-eared franchise. With its epic music, breathtaking artistic direction and catchy history, the game brilliantly combines platform, action, adventure and RPG. It also shone with its innovative gameplay, since it was possible to interact with the scenery thanks to a magic brush controlled by the Wiimote. Without doubt one of the best games ever released on Wii, which allowed to forget (a little) the absence of the saga Kingdom Hearts on Big N.

The Raving Rabbids: The Big Adventure

Until now confined to party games (as in the excellent Rayman vs. Rabbids, which we would also dream of seeing again on Switch), The Rabbids: The Big Adventure sign both the independence of Ubisoft characters, which will no longer appear in games Rayman in the future, but also the first exclusivity of the license on Nintendo consoles. Always so crazy, the small anthropomorphic rodents this time got it into their heads to conquer the Moon, which they plan to reach thanks to a huge waste bridge. If the famous Rabbids have already been entitled to their induction on Switch, this opus would be a pleasure to (re) discover on OLED screen.

Kirby’s Adventure Wii

Released in 2011, Kirby’s Adventure Wii rest one of the most beautiful references of the greedy little hero. First because it was possible to play up to 4 locally, then because the pink ball benefits, after a rather chaotic project, from a refined and efficient adventure, anchored in a platform game like no other. in fact more. Developed by HAL Laboratory, the title was originally scheduled for release on GameCube, but will eventually become a Wii exclusive. The kind of cult game we would love to rediscover on Nintendo Switch.

Zack and Wiki: The Treasure of Barbaros

It was one of the first third-party Wii exclusives. Developed by Capcom, the game with its special atmosphere and colorful characters succeeded in the bet of dust off point and click, by adding some thoughtful puzzles to the gameplay. A classic whose success has never resulted in a sequel, but that we would love to see worn in HD.

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