5 years hardware warranty on its smartphones

The French manufacturer Crosscall is committed to a 5-year hardware warranty for its new generation of smartphones, including the recently available Action-X5.

Crosscall, which specializes in durable and ultra-resistant smartphones and tablets, has announced good news for users of its products. They will indeed benefit from a 5-year hardware warranty, two years longer than the manufacturer’s previous promise. In early 2020, Crosscall offered a 3-year warranty.

A retroactive guarantee

Even better, the company says that this new “long-term” warranty is retroactive on recently launched Gen 5 models, including the Core-M5 and especially the Action-X5, the all-new action-cam smartphone that targets the General public. If Crosscall extends the duration of its warranty in this way, it is because it is almost certain of the robustness of its products.

To ensure the resistance of its devices, the manufacturer carries out 300 tests intended to reproduce situations that users could face: falls from two meters on concrete, abrasion and bending tests. Crosscall is also committed to the availability of its spare parts for ten years. He also recalls that his smartphones display one of the best repairability scores in France, namely 8.8 out of 10.

The batteries are guaranteed for 3 years. And on the software side, the manufacturer specifies that its devices are AER certified (Android Enterprise Recommended), in other words the most advanced Android certification. It allows you to get frequent security updates (3 years of security patches), but you are always only entitled to a major Android update.

The Action-X5 incorporates a 5.45 inch (18:9) screen, an eight-core Qualcomm 6115 chip, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage with micro SD slot, a battery with a capacity of 3,850 mAh for 13 days of autonomy in 4G (11 hours with GPS). There is also a waterproof jack port. On the back is a 48-megapixel (80-degree) normal-angle camera and a 13-megapixel (120-degree) wide-angle camera, also present on the front. The smartphone costs €549.90.

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