6 (66) spooky games for a chill-out night

Discover our small selection of video games to scare yourself on Halloween, to consume alone or with others.

This weekend, the unmissable event for horror and mystery fans returns. This is of course Halloween and, in this scary time, we invite you to discover or rediscover a selection of video games, to do alone or with friends – if ever you are too afraid to be alone.

While much of the focus is on games released this year or last year, we’ve included some older games that we feel are iconic enough to be rediscovered on this unique night of Halloween. You are free to share with us what your list will be for this year, between novelties and great horror classics.

Resident Evil Village

Before its release, Capcom had bet a lot on the promotion of its eighth opus resident Evil. When it was released, we discovered a game that was both beautiful and spooky. In this title, you play Ethan Winters, who, in search of his daughter, will land in a deserted village at the foot of the castle of the great Dimitrescu. There he will be pursued by many supernatural creatures, including lycans and witches. Can you survive a little sightseeing tour of the castle?

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Little nightmares 2

Highly anticipated by fans of the first opus, Little nightmares 2 follows the adventures of Mono, a young boy lost in a strange world and transformed by a dark and mysterious tower. Accompanied by Six, the girl in the yellow raincoat from the first part, he will try to make his way through this dangerous world, while protecting his friend.

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The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

Expected for this October 22, House of Ashes depicts the story of soldiers in the midst of the Iraq war, who find themselves trapped underground while searching for weapons of mass destruction. They then discover an ancient temple, which contains formidable supernatural creatures. Note that the game is inspired by a real fact, which makes it all the more worrying. On our side, we will certainly reserve it for our Halloween party.

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The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

He was part of our selection last year, and he’s making a comeback this year too. Little hope is billed as one of the best horror games of recent years which is why we could not miss it. In addition, it is also part of the Dark Pictures Anthology just like House of Ashes. Once again inspired by real events, you will play as a group of students lost in a city as dark as it is dangerous. Do not hesitate to play it in good company.

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The Medium

First exclusive to Xbox Series, then available on PS5, The Medium features Marianne, a clairvoyant who can cross the barrier that separates the human world from that of the spirits. You will need to have a strong heart to survive in this psychological horror game that sets its story in the heart of an abandoned communist hotel.

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Dead by Daylight

We end with a great classic of multiplayer horror games, released 5 years ago. In Dead by Daylight, you play as either the hunter or the prey. The goal is simple: if you are the killer then you must by all means kill all the other players before the night is out. On the other hand, if you are a simple character, then you will have to try to escape and above all, to survive. It’s the perfect game for a single-player Halloween party, and the multiplayer side further reinforces that sense of oppression and suspense.

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