6 Tips for Vampire Survivors and Evolving the Pentagram

One of the latest successes to date vampire survivors is to evolve the Pentagram. A challenge not being the easiest but which can be achieved provided you approach it with the best possible cards in your hands.

In vampire survivors, the Pentagram does not appear as the player’s preferred weapon. Because if its first effect is to make all the enemies disappear at once, or almost, from the screen, the second also removes the experience linked to these same opponents. By leveling up the Pentagram, the probability of loss is reduced, but is the game worth the effort?

To evolve the Pentagram, you will have to play it smart because, as just mentioned, having this weapon in your arsenal means losing experience at more or less regular intervals. To start, choose the Library (Library) as a game area. The space being closed at the top and bottom, the twists will be to your advantage. Next, choose a character with either the Garlic or the Runetracer as a starting weapon. This way, you can quickly gain experience.

Vampire Survivors: the Pentagram, the usefulness of not waiting until the last moment

For ever more damage and level ups, bet everything on the attack thus adding the Bracer and the Duplicator to the formula. Regarding the Pentagram, it will be good to wait before choosing it, but not too long. Indeed, if you wait until you only have one weapon slot left, you may find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you will necessarily have to opt for a new weapon without any of the proposals being the Pentagram. To avoid this situation, take the Pentagram as the penultimate weapon.

Fifth, and this advice will be even more useful when the Pentagram comes into play, take the chests without waiting. Because not content with eliminating the enemies present, this weapon is also able to do the same with the chests. Finally, since it is a question of making the Pentagram evolve here, limit the risks by selecting a single support object that can allow evolution. And if deliverance comes, surviving until the 30th minute will only be a bonus.

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