7 morbid games for a hellish evening

Here are 8 video games to play alone or with friends for a small or big scare on Halloween night.

Everyone loves October because it heralds both the start of fall and the arrival of Halloween, one of the funniest holidays of the year. While houses are adorned with black and orange, cobwebs become fashionable and children rush to the disguise department, adults are just waiting to feel the chills and put themselves in a scary atmosphere (while staying safe and warm at home).

Video games are therefore the best way to combine all these desires. Between pure horror and gloomy atmosphere, here are 7 games that will entertain you on your evening of October 31to consume without moderation if however you are not cardiac.

The Quarry

If you like immersion and narrative games, The Quarry will transport you to a terrifying universe. Its story is classic: you follow a group of young instructors in holiday camps, who will live their worst nightmare one night when everything changes. You then have choices to make, and these will not be easy.

The Quarry is a very easy-to-access adventure game, so it will suit all horror fans, even those new to video games. We also love it for its crazy cast, which brings together world-famous actors, all in a more than immersive motion capture adventure.

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Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo is a PlayStation console exclusive that transports you to a superstitious Japan that faces its demons once and for all. A mysterious entity has taken over the city of Tokyo, and as a survivor, it’s up to you to figure out how to save humanity. On your way you will come across various figures of Japanese horrific folklore including ghosts and other supernatural characters.

Far from the classics of the genre, Ghostwire Tokyo is a very interesting game because it relies more on action and adventure than on fear alone. The game should therefore be accessible to a large number of people, although it is not to be put in all hands.

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Cult of the Lamb

Less on the horror side than on the typical spooky Halloween vibe, Cult of the Lamb is a roguelite action game in which you play as a lamb who has become master of a Satanist sect. Even its cutesy graphics and electric gameplay fail to erase the creepy and deranged side of the game’s plot.

The goal is to purify the lands of the old belief and to indoctrinate the weak little animals that you come across. You can then decide to exploit and brainwash them, or build a strong community based on benevolence (but that’s a lot less fun). You are therefore here on the dark side of the force, a feeling that we are not used to as the Day of the Dead approaches.


Those who know the Werewolf board game will not be out of place with Eville. Based on the same principle of a wolf in the sheepfold, this title promises you agonizing games as you must seek out who the conspirators are thanks to your investigation and deduction skills, while completing objectives and killing monsters and magical creatures.

A classic gameplay, but damn effective, especially if you decide to play it with friends. Eville can indeed be a great party game in digital format.

martha is dead

We go back a head (or two) on the side of horror with martha is dead, one of this year’s bestsellers. If he caused a stir, it’s because he makes it a point of honor to traumatize you. The game, which is similar to a psychological thriller, takes place in the middle of World War II when Giulia discovers that her sister Martha has been killed by drowning. We must therefore succeed in disentangling the true from the false in this false ghost story, which mixes superstitions and war trauma.

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Dead By Daylight

We couldn’t tell you about Halloween without mentioning Dead By Daylight, the flagship title for multiplayer horror fans. Already 8 years old, the title is no longer very young and yet it continues to entertain us as on the first day. This is undoubtedly thanks to its many new contents added along the way and therefore to its terrifying atmosphere always on point.

Recently, it is a second extension dedicated to resident Evil which was born, giving players the opportunity to embody iconic characters from one of the oldest horror game franchises. It is therefore the occasion or never to redo a game or two. As a reminder, in multiplayer games, you have the option of playing as either the big bad manhunter, or one of the other participants whose goal is to survive at all costs.

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We end this selection with another classic of the genre, the saga Amnesia. These adventure games, whose genre was at its peak a few years ago, remind us of just how effective a simple, well-executed horror game can be. If we mention them it is because Amnesia: Collection as well as the youngest, Amnesia: Rebirthhave been available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog since October 20, right in time for Halloween.

This is therefore the opportunity to immerse yourself in this emblematic franchise, which has given its letters of nobility to jumpscares of all kinds. Still in Game Pass, don’t miss out on Phantom Abyss and of Soma.

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