8 Comics That Inspired Matt Reeves’ Movie

For his next feature film, Batman dives head first into his comic book heritage, with an official selection by Matt Reeves.

In a few weeks, the eyes of the whole world will be on the Dark Knight. After the slap of Joker by Todd Phillips, it’s Matt Reeves’ turn to bring Gotham City’s most famous protagonist to life, in a feature film that we hope will live up to our (very high) expectations. Camped by Robert Pattinson, the role of Bruce Wayne should this time give pride of place to the tortured spirit of the bat, as he must fight the threat of a new enemy.

In 2022, Batman offers a new face but does not forget his roots. For the first time in the character’s long film career, the director didn’t hesitate to openly quote the readings that inspired him. The opportunity to (re)discover some cult titles, but also some new arrivals in France this year at Urban Comics.

batman ego

Script and drawing by Darwyn Cooke — 168 pages
Published on January 14, 2022 by Urban Comics editions — €16

First officially stamped release “The Batman”, batman ego signs a beautiful tribute to Darwyn Cooke. Six years after the death of the legendary author, who notably officiated on Batman: The animated seriesthis collection of short stories revolves around Ego, Cooke’s very first work around the Dark Knight. A dark tale in cartoon style, which plunges us into the traumas of Bruce Wayne, then in the middle of a fight with his demonic alter ego. By showing a Dark Knight on the brink of madness, Matt Reeves already promises to offer us an intimate and deeper re-reading of the character.

Discover Batman Ego

Batman Imposter

Screenplay by Mattson Tomlin, drawing by Andrea Sorrentino — 176 pages
Published on February 25, 2022 by Urban Comics editions — €18

Three years already that Bruce Wayne took on the role of the Batman. While the young man is just beginning to assume his mask of vigilante, an imposter seizes his image to assassinate former criminals who have repented. The superhero goes from vigilante to criminal, and quickly finds himself with all the Gotham police on the heels. Mature and complex, this new, unprecedented adventure in France is a slap, both visual and script. It is no coincidence that she is on the film’s official reading list: in addition to being a renowned author, Mattson Tomlin has also worked closely with Matt Reeves, as co-screenwriter on The Batman.

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Batman: Year One

Screenplay by Frank Miller, drawing by David Mazzucchelli — 144 pages
Published on February 14, 2020 by Urban Comics editions — €16

After the traumatic death of his parents, Bruce Wayne decides to fight crime by becoming Batman. Made up as a bat, the hero becomes the fear of criminals, and quickly forges an alliance with Lieutenant James Gordon, a new recruit of the Gotham police. A return to the origins of the character, and in particular to his meeting with the one who will become one of his most faithful allies. Matt Reeves’ film should be an opportunity to put into images the links that unite the vigilante and Gordon, as well as the first years of Bruce Wayne in the skin of his masked alter-ego.

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Batman: A Long Halloween

Screenplay by Jeph Loeb, drawing by Tim Sale — 408 pages
Published on January 4, 2013 by Urban Comics editions — 35€

Direct continuation of Year One, A long Halloween signs one of the most beautiful collaborations of the duo formed by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. When Batman investigates a series of murders, it’s a real race against time that starts for Gotham. Having become the scene of a morbid game that is repeated every holiday, the city can only count on the black knight, already busy eradicating the underworld from the streets. In addition to Commissioner Gordon, this mini-series is also an opportunity to meet Catwoman and Harvey Dentbefore the latter becomes Two-Face.

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Batman: Bitter Victory

Screenplay by Jeph Loeb, drawing by Tim Sale — 408 pages
Published on March 23, 2021 by Urban Comics editions — €35

After the events ofA long Halloween, Gotham is still plagued by violent clashes between mobsters and patients of Arkham Asylum. But while the Gotham police thought they had unmasked Calender Man, a new wave of murders calls his arrest into question. Always too dark and punchythe duo formed by Loeb and Sale returns with a masterful conclusion to the trilogy begun in Year One. A must for those who would like to discover Batman on glossy paper.

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Catwoman: The Last Heist

Screenplay by Darwyn Cooke and Ed Brubaker, drawing by Darwyn Cooke — 248 pages
Published on January 14, 2022 by Urban Comics editions — €23

Determined to change her life, Selina Kyle decides to make her ultimate move, by robbing a train full of tickets. You still have to know how to surround yourself with the best. With its inimitable cartoonish style, this Catwoman adventure by Darwyn Cooke offers a lighter tone than that adopted in Batman Ego. The main character is no less captivating, especially since if the young woman already promises to occupy a place of choice in the plot of The Batmanshe remains very mysterious for the moment, contenting herself with distilling a few clues about her love interest with the main character.

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Catwoman in Rome

Screenplay by Jeph Loeb, drawing by Tim Sale — 160 pages
Published on January 28, 2022 by Urban Comics editions — €16

Another major work dedicated to the character of Selina Kyle, Catwoman in Rome takes place in the continuity of the trilogy Year One, while the criminal treats herself to a trip to Europe. Determined to investigate Carmine Falcone, she also takes advantage of her vacation far from Gotham City to be forgotten by Batman. An introspection in search of his origins which stands out as one of his most personal and intimate.

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Batman Arkham: The Riddler

Scenarios and collective drawings — 344 pages
Published on December 3, 2021 by Urban Comics editions — €29

If it is not part of the official selection of Matt Reeves, this anthology on the Riddler would nevertheless have its place there. Main antagonist of the film, the character is still too little known to the general public, more accustomed to seeing Gotham in the hands of the Joker or the Penguin. The mystery man, also known as Ed Nigma, is nevertheless a full character of the batversedubbed by the cinema through the crazy figure of Jim Carrey in batman forever by Joel Schumacher. If Matt Reeves’ Riddler already promises to offer us a darker rereading of the character, we strongly recommend the anthology batman arkham dedicated to him. A good way to discover the origins of the one who will make life difficult for Robert Pattinson on the big screen.

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